Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Pitcher Collection

I posted about my miniature China Pitcher Collection in a previously post (here).  

I thought my collection made a nice mosaic to share with you again.

The pitchers on the left (green top) and on the right (gold top) were my paternal Grandmothers.  My Mother had these displayed for years and I always loved them.  The middle tall one (white with flowers) I bought on a trip to Williamsburg, Virginia.  The remaining two were my MILs.

The two larger pitchers (tan one and the brown one with white cherries) also were passed down from my paternal Grandmother.   The two small white ones to the right were my MILs.  And the little black pewter one to the left was a gift from a friend who visited Hawaii. 

The ones in the front on this shelf were passed down from my MIL.  I think they are so cute.

It is difficult to find these pitchers anymore I always look for them when I travel especially the bone china ones.  I cherish these for the memories they bring of loved ones.

Please join our host, Cindy, at My Romantic Home (here), for more Show and Tell Friday.

Sandy at Teacup Lane
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  1. What wonderful memories your little collection of pitchers share with you each time you look at them! They're very special, thank YOU for sharing them with us! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  2. What a beautiful collection of pitchers. ~~Sherry~~

  3. Thanks for sharing the pics of your pitcher collection! My great grandmother used to collect smalal pitchers. When she passed away each one of her great grandchildren got a few of them. I still have the ones she gave me. Every time I see them I think of her. (She also made me several quilts and her work inspired me to learn to quilt myself. )

  4. what a beautiful collection, i have also enjoyed your photos of Alaska!

  5. Sandy, those mini pitchers are darling. I'm sure that hold a special place in your heart. I love mini things too. I put mini teacups and pots, etc. on my kitchen tree every year. Have a beautiful weekend!

  6. This is Lovely :-) I am hosting a jewelry giveaway on my blog. Would love for you to visit.

  7. Your collection is beautiful. I love pitchers. The little white pitcher with the rose and leaves, I have the dessert dishes and a little tea pot. Its so pretty.

  8. Your little collection is just lovely!!

  9. That is a great collection of pitchers!

  10. Love them all, Sandy! What a lovely collection you have! And I love the mosaic of them!

    I have developed a thing for white pitchers! I am always smacking my hand even though I only have a couple of white things!!

    Hugs to you!