Saturday, July 31, 2010

Alaska Highway - Toad River Lodge

No, we aren't home yet.  We are still in Alaska.  Today is our 71st day on the road since we left home for Alaska.  Currently we're in Palmer (just north of Anchorage) at a RV Park with excellent WiFi so I'm able to use my MAC laptop with good downloading capability.  So, I thought it's about time I share some photos of our drive up to Alaska.  
This blog post is about the Toad River Lodge in British Columbia.  We stayed at their RV Park on June 12 while working our way north to Alaska.

Toad River Lodge is on the Alaska Highway.   Guess what they are famous for?

Here's a glimpse....

Yep..hats...thousands of them...all hanging from their cafe ceiling!  

Isn't this a hoot!

Stay tuned... more Alaska Highway posts coming.

Sandy at Teacup Lane

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  1. Happy travels Sandy. I've seen money and signatures and license plates in similar spots here in Florida. This is a first for caps. Enjoy this day!

  2. I love it Toad River Lodge. I see cloudy skies here. Will look forward to more of your trip photos.

  3. Hope you left a hat behind to add their collection. Keep the photos coming. How are you feeling, ready for home yet?

  4. Oh Sandy what along trip indeed, you will be so happy for sure to come home, filled with unforgettable memories. I am back from my short brake but my own travels will only begin next week.;) I hope you are having a great Sunday.;) LOVE all your pictures,

  5. Amazing post!
    Yes I was thinking that,
    aren't you missing home?
    I can only seem to do a two day brake nowadays!
    Thats enough for me.
    Hugs Suex

  6. Yet another blog post about Toad River, great place to live, and I'm thankful I live here everyday! I'm starting a blog about my life here with "Northern" Articles about our concerns and events. Check it out if you have the time!

  7. Oh MY GOSH! the blue van in the picture is my van! i live there :D