Friday, August 27, 2010

Alaska - Eldorado Gold Mine

During our stay in Fairbanks we visited the Eldorado Gold Mine attraction.

We boarded a cute train.   The conductor entertained us on the way up with stories and songs.  

At the top of the hill we had a demonstration of sluice gold mining and how to pan for gold.

This is sluice mining where the lighter weighted rocks are carried away and the heavy gold will remain.  This photo is fuzzy because of the rushing water coming down the sluice.

A young feller shows us how to pan for gold.

And there is the gold remaining at the bottom of his pan.

Of course, we got to try panning for gold.  The gold I found is in the little container I am holding...just a few tiny flecks were worth $8.

So what do you do with this gold?  You didn't think we would get away without spending more money did you?

The gift shop will weigh your gold and put it into a locket on a gold chain.  So, of course, we had to combine my hubby's gold ($14) with mine ($8) and put it into a locket for me.  

This was a fun experience and I recommend it for anyone traveling in the Fairbanks area.

Sandy at Teacup Lane
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  1. How exciting! The locket is really lovely! Have a great weekend. Ros

  2. But this is stunning. What fun posting. And I really really do love your new necklace. Very cool

  3. Oh I love this what a cute way to use the gold flakes you found. Better than keeping them in a bottle. Sorry you're under the weather and I hope soon you'll perk up and be on your way. Our building project is really coming together out there today. Three guys put the trusses in place and now they are onto other things up on the roof.

  4. Wow, how fascinating Sandy and you got a lovely new necklace out of it. x

  5. Dear Sandy, I am back from my long vacation trying to catch up on everyone's writing, hope you have been well.;)
    What a great way to make a stunning jewelry; who would not want to wear gold that one has mined?;))
    Have a lovely weekend dear friend,

  6. Hi Sandy :0) Love the locket, it's really beautiful. I've been out of town for a bit and the photos from your trip are out of this world. Lucky lady!

  7. Hi Sandy,
    We got to do this too while we were there, it was so fun. I am missing Alaska!

  8. Hello Sandy,

    How fascinating! Not only did you get to learn about panning for gold, you got to do it and even find some. Love how it is displayed in your locket. What a great keepsake from your vacation.

    ~ Tracy