Friday, July 9, 2010

Alaska Crazy Colors

I'm still crocheting my "Crazy Colors" throw!  

More rows finished...

Almost done with row 10 of 12...

I'm thinking of modifying the name of my throw from "Crazy Colors" to "Alaska Crazy Colors".  Since I am crocheting this while on our Alaska trip and the flowers are so colorful here it seems more appropriate to call it "Alaska Crazy Colors"!

I'm joining our lovely host Cindy's My Romantic Home (here) for Show and Tell Friday to share my crochet with you.

We're in Anchorage, Alaska for a few days while hubby rests up from a cold.  While in Talkeena, Alaska we had one beautiful day of clear skies and were able to book an airplane flight around Mt. McKinley along with a glacier landing!  What an experience!  I'll blog about it soon.    

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  1. Alaska Crazy colors sounds like a perfect name and one to remind you of this special time. I'm into grannie squaes as well and this one is making me almost drool!!! Can't seem to get enough of them. Enjoy your travels.

  2. Hi Sandy, Just found your blog through Royal Sisters. Welcome to Alaska. Love the new name of this afghan. I myself have something similar half way completed. Seems like Alaskans love color, maybe because we have so much cold and gray in the winter. If you notice in Anchorage there are lovely very colorful flower displays everywhere. We have to wait until the first week of June to put flowers out (so they don't freeze) where we are near Homer. Hope you enjoy yourself. Vicki

  3. I love your beautiful crochet throw. It's gorgeous! Have a wonderful time in Alaska.
    Cheers, Pam

  4. Very pretty, Sandy...I love all those bright colors.

  5. The blanket is looking gorgeous and what fun of crocheting in the memories of a special trip

  6. What a pretty afghan. I like its bright colors; it's so cheerful. Wonderful work!

  7. Beautiful, LOVE all the colours.;)