Monday, July 19, 2010

Stunning Alaska Blooms!

It's Mosaic Monday!

I'm crazy about the flowers here in Alaska!


Hope you enjoyed these beautiful blooms!  

Please join our host Mary at The Little Red House (here) for more Mosaic Monday!

Sandy at Teacup Lane
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  1. Oh my, these are stunning pictures!!! Lucky you!

  2. Beautiful colours and shapes; they are so similar to the flowers we grow here, I guess due to similar climate.;))
    Lovely collage too, you are so skillful.;)
    Have a great Monday Sandy.;))

  3. They are indeed beautiful ... you've created a gorgeous mosaic with these lovely flowers.

  4. Stunning, indeed!!!! And very beautiful as well!! Wishing you a grand day! Cathy

  5. Beautiful......
    Have a Wonderful Week!

  6. Thank you for sharing your beautiful floral mosaic. Have a great week, Mary

  7. Very pretty! I love your Alaskan flower mosaic. So glad you are having fun!

  8. your dahlias are very nice, do you also have to protect them against the snails as in my garden in Alaska?

  9. Sandy what professional photographs you take, really beautiful. Thank you so much for the lovely words of encouragement you left for me on my blog - I really appreciate it. I am so glad you are still having such a lovely trip. x

  10. Gorgeous flowers! Love the mosaic!

  11. Yes I agree, these photos seem so professional. Well done to you. What lovely blooms!
    Hugs suex

  12. You are the Marco Queen. Stunning pictures. Can I make a suggestion as to why I think your blog takes so long to load for all of us. Try taking your blogroll down to 10, for us to open if we want to see more. You may be not getting all the traffic you would like as I think this is what is locking up... just a thought... ignore me if you like...

    So, glad to hear where you are. Sounds like an awesome trip.


  13. Hi Ladies,
    Thanks for all the sweet comments! It's so nice of you to take the time out of your busy days to leave a message for me. Oh, Kate at The Garden Bell regarding the problems you have with opening my blog...I took your advice and limited my blog roll to just 10 blogs...let me know if that makes a difference in your ability to easily open my blog please. A couple of days ago I also limited the number of posts per page to 3. Helsie also told me she had problems too when she uses her computer but said when she used her hubby's she didn't. I don't know if any others are having problems or maybe they don't want to say so. Anyways I wouldn't ever ignore YOU Kate! I may not know how to fix it but I will certainly try.

  14. So beautiful, Sandy! Looks like you are truly enjoying Alaska! I understand you and Jeff visited Nan - is she as sweet in person as she seems in her blog? Continue to enjoy your travels, Sandy. You are a very fortunate person to be able to take this fabulous vacation with your husband and best friend! And we are fortunate to follow along on your blog!
    Hugs and blessings, Beth