Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Finally Finished!

Remember all of these colors?  I used them again except for the white...

I crocheted lots of Granny are some Up Close...

The border in light purple, deep purple, ocean blue and light purple...two rows of each color...

My Crazy Colors....

Colorful Granny Squares and my border of purples and ocean blue....

One corner...

Another corner....

Presenting my "Alaska Crazy Colors" Throw!

There are 144 granny squares of three colors (12 rows by 12).  I used 16 different colors shown above in the first photo in the granny squares.  The yarn was Caron's "Simply Soft" 100% acrylic and I used a H hook.  I used the "join as you go" method which I just loved.. it is so easy and has a lovely finish.

The edging starts off with 3 colors..2 rows of granny square stitch (3 dc in each space) in the colors of light purple*, deep purple and ocean blue*. (*these are new colors not used in any of the granny squares)

The final edge is light purple:
1st row:  a sc in a space, chain five, sc in next space all the way around (adjusting as needed to make even) and then;
2nd row:  sc in previous row's sc then sc, hdc, dc, dc, hdc, sc in next space repeated all the way round.
I'm so proud of myself for finishing this project.  I can't believe I did this because I haven't been crocheting that long.  Hoping I can inspire other bloggers to take up this delightful hobby.  

If I can do this...crocheting right handed when I am left handed... anyone can.

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Sandy at Teacup Lane 
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  1. Wow I'm impressed this is fantastic and all these colors really work. It does remind me too of Alaska, the blues for the Forget me nots, Blue poppies, and the blue of the sky (on special occasions.) We had so much fun with you two today !! Nan

  2. Hi Sandy
    So that's what you were doing on you way to Alaska!!!
    It is stunning and very hard to believe you're a newbie.
    Did you buy a pattern?
    I would love to know more as 'learning to crochet' is on my list too!

  3. What a lovely collage! And I LOVE your new throw; I am completely taken by all the colours.;)) The world sure needs more colours like that;))
    Hope you are having a lovely Monday dear Sandy,

  4. Hi Sandy,
    Well you've certainly inspired ME. I'm finally getting the hang of it so I hope I can begin to make a blanket before it starts to get hot here!!I'll post about my crochet progress soon.
    How is the trip going? You must be thinking of returning home soon. It has certainly been a wonderful trip.
    Helen from Helsie's Happenings

  5. Beautiful!!!!! Still working on my lap afghan! You might have inspired me to finish, though it is 90 degrees and high humidity here...Wishing you a grand day! Cathy

  6. Wow Sandy this is absolutely delightful. The colours are gorgeous and good on you for finishing!
    Cheer, Pam

  7. Your afgan is so gorgeous. Really pretty colours. It makes me want to find the crochet hooks if I could just remember how to do a granny square.

  8. Wow, left handed and did this right handed. I am so impressed. The blanket is stunning. I especially like the edging. Thanks for visiting my blog. I wanted to answer your questions regarding my rug. I just hold two yarns together. It is very easy. The same color or two different colors. It's a great way to graduate into a different color. Gives a very nice effect. Give it a try.

  9. Your blanket is beautiful!
    Interesting that you crochet daughter (who is only 5 at the moment) keeps asking me to teach her to crochet but as she's left-handed I don't know where to start. Maybe I'll teach her right-handed.

  10. Such a beautiful throw! I love all the colors, it's like a field of wildflowers.

  11. Hi Sandy,

    Thanks for your good wishes - I loooovvveee the blanket it is gorgeous! I love all the colours and especially the border purples and blues and the outer edge so pretty. Very Very well done a family heirloom! x

  12. Stunning. So, well worth each and every one of those 144 squares. Love the colors of the border too, very elegant. Now, that's a lot of mileage on the road to get this big. You will cherish this for a memory of this trip for a long, long time.

    By the way, much better on the loading with less in your blogroll. Thanks.

    Oh, and I did figure out how to center my picture...yipeeeeeee.... Hope to remember so I can share soon.


  13. your granny afghan is gorgeous and so colorful...and i love the edging too! nicely done!! -michelle

  14. Wow! It looks beautiful! The border is the perfect finish. Congratulations. It's such a good feeling to finish a project!

  15. You made a beautiful throw, I love all the colours in it.
    I haven't crocheted for years and then I only did doilies.

  16. Oh that is beautiful. A nice throw to curl up under on a cool evening. Love all the colors. Take care and have a wonderful week.

  17. Absolutely gorgeous! I love it.

  18. Wow!! Very pretty. I am hosting a Giveaway on my blog and would love for you to stop by!!

  19. Gorgeous, the colours work so well together. The chair looks so very inviting with the blanket draped over.
    A wonderful memory blanket of your trip to Alaska!

  20. Oh this is gorgeous! Simply a beautiful piece of work, and a great reminder of your trip!
    Hugs Suex

  21. Congratulations!
    It's a WONDERFUL throw with beautiful matching edging. Great work!

    ~X~ Karin

  22. This is so very pretty.....what is it about the granny anything....they are lovely and mosaic, and did a lovely job with this....

  23. Oi Sandy me chamo Sonia Ap. adorei sua manta ficou maravilhosa. Você realmente tem muito bom gosto adorei as cores que voce usou. Vou ver se tenho coragem de fazer uma manta pra mim, pois faço crochêt e tricô a bastante tempo mas tenho 3 crianças que me ocupam demais, mas vou tentar. Estou começando com meu blog, será que podemos ser amigas, ainda vou fazer coisas interessantes e postar em meu blog. Ainda estou aprendendo a ser blogueira. Muito obrigado um beijo Sonia Ap.