Friday, November 27, 2009

Tea Time Years Ago...

I grew up drinking tea using Lipton instant tea bags and mostly only when I was sick.   That all changed when I was in high school.  My best girlfriend's mother was English.  I so enjoyed the time spent with Sue and her family.  Imagine my surprise when visiting one day when Sue's mom put water in a kettle and brewed her tea using REAL English tea leaves.  And the best part was when she added sugar and cream.  I was in heaven.  Never before and since have I had such tasty tea.  It is a memory forever frozen in time.  I need to take the time to brew a cup of tea and try to capture that moment again.   Do you have a special moment that you would like to share? Pin It


  1. I did not know I liked hot tea until a blogger sent me a box of Yorkshire teabags...that was the beginning of my obsession...LOL!

    Now my favorite is Earl Grey! And I've collected all kinds of tea items now too! ;D

  2. I grew up drinking tea.
    My grandmother used to give me a cup of milky tea and fresh bread and sugar at "the crack of dawn" when I stayed with her as a child or we'd set off on cross country trips and "boil the billy" ( make a fire and boil water in an old tin can ) along the roadside. Lovely memories.
    Thanks for stirring them up ( the memories I mean!)

  3. I have just been visiting your blog posts and I have the same shelf and I posted about it today! i see you are from Pa. too! I live in Wilkes Barre about 2 hours from you!!