Thursday, November 19, 2009

My First Crocheted Dishcloths

This is my 3rd time in over 20 years taking up crocheting again.  I'm left-handed but when I picked crocheting up the 2nd and 3rd times I decided to use my right-hand so I wouldn't have to fuss with reversing etc.  I used Sugar n' Cream cotton yarn for the dishcloths.  This is the first time I made a flower.  I enjoy crocheting because it is very relaxing especially when using the granny square stitch.

 The big difference with picking up crocheting now is the wealth of information out there on the internet.  From the crocheting blogs to I-Tube videos there are so many talented people who have posted their tutorials, WIPs (work-in-progress) and
finished projects.  It's unbelievable to see so many willing to share their expertise and knowledge with us.

I just love the red rose and green and white colors in this dishcloth.  The ones with the roses are double-sided.

Here is my attempt to do something a little more lacy.  Hope you enjoyed seeing my dishcloths. Pin It


  1. Sandy--
    thanks for following my blog! you're the first. I've enjoyed reading yours and am off to *follow it.

    PS- love to crochet myself, haven't in many years. Love the dish cloths and doilies! good work.

  2. Very nice, Sandy! Isn't crochet such relaxing therapy? Good for you for starting up again.

    For a pattern of the fingerless gloves, click on the link I had for Attic24. She has a pattern on her blog. Essentially, it is a sqaure of HDC stitches that is sewn up the side, and leaving an opening for the thumb. The number of chains you start with depends on the size of the yarn. I hope this helps.