Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Cookies 2008

I haven't started my cookie baking yet but here's some pictures from last year.  Please forgive me for my messy house.  For several years now I have continued the tradition of baking sugar cookies passed down from a family recipe from my dear MIL.  Her recipe makes a huge batch of cookies and can be halved.  I spread the project out over three days:  1) mixing the dough and chilling it the first day; 2) rolling out, cutting and baking the 2nd day; and making the frosting and frosting the cookies the 3rd and last day.  My family (especially the guys) love lots of frosting.  The full recipe makes a good 12 dozen.

Rolling out and cutting...

All baked...

Frosting table all set up (with a place for my hubby - he volunteers to help frost)....

All frosted and ready to freeze or EAT!

We don't eat all of these cookies.  We take back several cookie tins at Christmas for our family.  Do you bake cookies at Christmas?  What is your family's favorite kind of cookie? Pin It


  1. Oh My...How beautiful...and all my colors too! I bet they were delicious! xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  2. Hi Sandy!

    You are off to a fantastic start on your blog! I read all 10 posts and became a follower. Your cookies look so good! I've been baking special cookies every year for Christmas for over 30 years. I do gingerbread men, and spritz butter cookies and some Italian cookies such as seven layers and ones that my mother-in-law called "pita" -- they are full of raisins and dates and figs. Then every year I try some new cookie recipes. I give most of them away to family and friends, as you do. It's a fun tradition.

    Thanks for entering my Christmas teapot give away -- good luck! Happy Thanksgiving!