Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Inspiration...Black!

The true color of our guest bathroom doesn't show up here it looks gray but it isn't.  I will have to look up the paint color and add it later.  We bought this picture on a trip to Montreal Canada many, many years ago.  It is a scene from downtown Montreal.  The black picture frame is the inspiration I had to update our guest bathroom with accents of black.

I found a set of four different bird plates at my favorite store - Homegoods - in black and white and immediately knew where I wanted to hang them.

Another great find at - Homegoods - this cute white lamp with the black toile shade and you can't see it here but the lamp has a cute bird finial. 

Now you see all four black and white bird plates...

Bird plates and black toile lamp together...

Black and white towels added along with a view in the mirror of the white shower curtain with black trim.  I also added a beautiful white crocheted doily that I purchased at a craft fair to the top of the toilet..

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: doily (or doilie) is an ornamental mat, originally the name of a fabric, from Doiley, a 17th century London draper.[1] They are usually made of cotton or linen thread, oftencrocheted but may also be knitted. Openwork allows the underlying surface to show through. In addition to their decorative function, doilies have the utilitarian role of protecting fine-wood furniture from the scratches caused by crockery or decorative objects..

I'm not done yet I still have to get the window treatment.  Hope you enjoy the tour of my almost updated guest bathroom.  What do you think of my black accents?  Do you have any rooms with black accents?

Update:  Paint color of our guest bath room is Benjamin Moore's Regal Wall Satin Latex Interior Flat in the color of "Emerald Vapor".  It's a very, very light shade with just a hint of pale blue with a greenish or aqua shading.  The color reflected in the mirror photos above is a more true coloring of the shade.  I wanted the lightest color I could find.  In the same range of Regal colors we painted our master bath in the color "April Sky" which is very pale, light shade too but more of a blue shade than "Emerald Vapor".   I would suggest stopping in at a Benjamin Moore store to obtain a color chart.  The Regals have an excellent selection of very pale, light shades.   Pin It


  1. What a nice roomy bathroom you have. We lived in an apartment once with one that size, I miss it.

    I love the black bathroom is a beachcomber scene since my trip to the Bahamas...teehee!

    I've never thought to accent with black but have made a recent discovery about myself...I love pops of red in the brightens my day and makes me feel good!

  2. OK...just looked at your comment closer at my place and wanted to tell you, don't ever be afraid to change your will not lose a thing...all of your content will stay.

    Lot's of people switch to the "Minima" template and then are able to use the free decorated blog backgrounds. Just follow the directions on the site.
    Cutest Blogs on the Block is one example.

    Not that there is a thing wrong with yours. But for a centered header, "Minima" would be your best bet.

  3. Sandy-

    Love the bathroom tour! I have a can of light blue paint waiting to go into my ONLY bathroom.
    I recently bought a new shower curtain at the thrift store in new condition for $4.oo and a new blue woven rug $5.00. My vision was to update with black accents as well, I have hesitated because I'm not sure of how well it would go over. However after seeing your bathroom-- I'm excited all over again. Still getting some things together for the make over. I'll post when it's done.

  4. Love it! I've been bringing in alot of black lately for a more french countryside look. Just painted my daughter's antique dresser black, sidetable black, and a tiny sink, mirror unit for the laundry room black. Looks great. I've seen alot of those items at's the best isn't it?!!! Is your bathroom a pale robin's egg blue?

  5. Hi Fairmaiden,
    Your daughter's room sound great. I look forward to seeing photos of it. My guest bath room paint color isn't blue. It's Benjamin Moore's Regal Wall Satin Latex Interior Flat in the color "Emerald Vapor". It's not as true a blue as "April Sky" which we painted our master bath in - the "Emerald Vapor" has a touch of very, very, light greenish or aqua in it. If you look at the photos posted the color is more true when reflected in the mirror. It's hard to describe but if you get a color chart then you can compare and see the shade better.

  6. Yes, that is the same lamp I have except mine is blue! It looks great in your bathroom!

  7. Hello, I LOVE the bird plates! I would really like to get a set for my house. Did you buy them online or in an actual store? I went to home goods website but did not find them. Thanks.

    1. I bought them at Home Goods several years ago. Maybe they don't carry them anymore. But keep looking Home Goods has so many pretty plates that may also work for you.