Thursday, January 15, 2015

Zippered Little Christmas Bag

Still sewing Christmas projects at Embroidery Club this month.

What can I say…I love Christmas!

This is a zippered bag (an Anita Goodesign pattern) that can be completely sewn in-the-hoop!

And the design graphic and lettering can be changed easily to another holiday or event if you have embroidery software.

I love the holly fabric in red and green.

The back of the bag is in the red holly fabric.

Here you can see me stitching it out in the hoop.

The zipper is already done.

The only stitching done out of the hoop is sewing it together.

I can't wait to sew up some more of these cute little bags.

The pattern comes in three sizes too.

This is the smallest size.

I just may make several of these for Christmas this year for the girls in my family.

Anita Goodesign's collection also included a zippered Sewing Blackboard Bag (video here).

Watch the video it is so neat to see this little bag sewn in-the-hoop.

Since I used fabric instead of felt I had to double the fabric on the front and back and fold over at the zipper so no raw edges showed.  

I am having so much fun machine embroidering!

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Lovely .... but shouldn't you be packing up !!!

  2. I don't have anything that modern on my machine... in fact, my machine is from the 1960s! machine embroidery. Plus... I've only been sewing a regularly, a few short years. Before that is was fiddly for me. Straight stitch only kind of stuff.
    I enjoy getting to use the fancy edging stitches on my Viking.
    I have an Elna--- and it does much fancier things.. and I think I can use a hoop with it... I should probably check it out...
    but no computerized images for sure!
    I love zippered bags! I learned to make those this year... and have made a few. These would make great gifts! I am getting ready to post up my Homemade Christmas Wrap up for 2014... and it has an envelope pouch for cash envelope system... my favorite thing to make this year!
    Is there ever a time to NOT be thinking Christmas...when you can make things like this? I mean, really?
    I'm thinking of making a gift a month...
    have a great weekend!

  3. These little bags are so cute. I love Christmas fabric. Cool embroidery, too.