Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ready for the Ride

We have snow on the ground with more coming the next few days.  

I wish I could ride Rudolph to sunny Florida.  

I kind of rushed sewing up this month's "Party with Patrick" wall hanging,

 "Ready for the Ride".  

Things are heating up with the new Ohio home.  

We FINALLY have dates for the two final walk-throughs and the closing in March. 

I will have to break down my sewing machine to take back to Ohio before the closing because it's too precious (to me) for the movers to move. 

We're packing our pickup truck for another trip to Ohio before the closing in a few weeks. 

I never knew I had so many baskets.  

They are lightweight but would be awkward to pack into boxes.  

So we stuffed them together into plastic bags and loaded them into the bed of the truck.  

We also packed most of our larger picture frames.

We want to pack the pickup truck today before the snow comes.   

At least with the house stuff we are moving ourselves.  

This trip to Ohio will be shorter.  

We have made all selections for the new house except for the closets.   

It should be looking pretty good with cabinets, counter tops, plumbing, electrical finish work and tile done or almost done.

Off to pack some more.

Keep warm!


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  1. Don't know how you can concentrate on your sewing with all that is going on. Do you have somewhere up there to store stuff so you can take a bit with you every time you go? Be careful driving in the snowy weather now, it sounds dangerous.

  2. How can you get all that sewing done with all that packing to do?

  3. Best of luck with all that packing! When we moved in 2013, my sewing machine was boxed and rode in my Jeep as I followed the U-haul as mine is too precious to me as well to have anything happen to it!

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  5. Moving is so much work . . . and you're sewing projects, too!
    You must be some kind of a super woman :)
    Moving in the winter has got to be the pits. Here's to sunny days and clean clear roads:)
    God bless,
    Connie :)

  6. I agree, I could not be crafting with so much packing. Safe travels in this cold weather.

  7. Thank for visiting my blog Sandy and leaving a comment. Don't you wonder when moving why we have so much stuff, we certainly don't need it ? The older I get the more I let go. If I built a house today it would be one of those miminalist types. No clutter, a clean open look. I go for that now in fact. We're having the kitchen counters done over and some storage built for items that currently sit on counter so I can have that swept away look. Take Care. Nan