Monday, January 5, 2015

Meanwhile 420 Miles Away...

I haven't posted about our new home being built in Ohio for awhile.

So here goes...
Model on left.  Our new home on right.

We made another trip to Ohio over Christmas.

We loved The Model and we are duplicating it pretty much except for a few modifications.

We first saw The Model when we were back in Ohio for Christmas over a year ago.

Having a home built takes time.

Our new home is down the street from The Model.  

Lot has been cleared.

First we had to chose an available lot in the subdivision.

There were several corner lots available and they would probably have worked the best for driving our travel van into the garage but we liked the two lots remaining that had trees behind it (a protective strip of trees that can't be cut down or built on).

All of our previous (and current) homes had lots of at least 3/4 of an acre.

This lot is just under an half of an acre.

It's 106 ft wide and our ranch will just fit on it.

If we had chosen a two-story we would have had more room between the houses.

Ranches take up a bigger footprint.

But we wanted a ranch since we are getting older.

If you don't know northeastern Ohio the dirt there is 100% clay and lots of shale. 

We are only two or three miles from Lake Erie. 

We will have a full basement with lots of unfinished storage, a huge hobby room for Hubby and ME, a family room/library, a bedroom with a connecting bathroom with shower and an unfinished kitchenette.

Basement walls going up.

 Framing going up.

Roof faming going up here.

We added two separated windows on each side of the garage.

And enlarged the garage and bumped out one bay so we could park our travel van in the garage.

No more having to put the RV in off-site storage.

We already drove our RV back to Ohio in November and put it into off-site storage until the house is ready.

One huge thing off our to-to-list.   

Me at our EIGHT FOOT front door!

The ceilings are 9 feet on the first floor except where it is higher in the Great Room, Kitchen, Morning and Hearth Rooms.

The roof shingles are going on here.

                           The garage doors are ten feet high to accommodate our travel van.

                      We should have ordered an eight foot garage man door but didn't think of it.

Model on left.  Our home on right.

We changed the window placement - I thought it would fill in the huge area of the front of the garage if we had two windows separated rather than the one triple window.

And we wanted it to look different from the model.
Top is model.  Bottom is our home.

When we came back at Christmas we discovered the builder had moved the two windows on the garage front because they weren't positioned correctly under the garage peak.  

Much better now.

Top is back of model.  Bottom is our home's back where we added a screened in porch and deck.

We haven't been able to get photos of the back of our house since summer.  

It's been too muddy back there.

This picture was taken this summer.  

The Great Room window on the porch has since been replaced with the correct triple transom window. 

Screened in porch.

This is an earlier view of the screened in porch this summer.

I couldn't get a recent photo because the painters were painting inside this past Christmas and had plastic over all the windows and cabinets. 

The porch is further along now. 

And the deck is almost done too.

As I mentioned, the cabinets are in and interior painting should be done now.

We've selected the flooring, countertops, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures and are getting quotes for the closets, mirrors and initial window treatments.  

No word yet when the closing will take place or when we will be able to move in. 

In the meantime we have been busy getting our current home ready for sale.

So stay tuned for more!

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  1. Thanks for the detailed tour. It was really interesting. Our home is all on one level like your new one. We call them " low set homes" here and we really like living all on one level.

  2. Enjoyed the tour! Can't wait to see more!

  3. I love a ranch. It looks like it will be gorgeous!

  4. Wow it is looking fantastic, very exciting.

  5. This is going to be a very beautiful house. You know us here in Homer with three stories. We got this built when we were 60. I think stairs are good for me. At this point I'm not going to think about this any farther than today. I don't like to head off into what I might be in the future I've always been like this. Things are very warm in Homer this year, no snow and now we have temps up in the 40's and rain for the next 7 days. Very odd. No studded tires needed this winter so far. Take care in the new year Sandy. Nan