Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hello Fall and More

I love my little chalkboard sign!  

Today I updated it for Autumn.  

Lately, rather than using the chalkboard ink pencils, I've been using regular chalk. 

Click (here) to read about making my cheap and easy chalkboard sign. 

After we move to our new home in Ohio I'm going to make some more of them.  

I just read someone's blog where they said chalkboards are "out" now.  

Although the blogger didn't agree (and I don't agree either) because she (and I) loved her (my) chalkboards too.

I'm not able to post as much lately because I've been so busy de-cluttering, cleaning, organizing and packing for our move (still several months away).  

We have rented two storage units... one in PA and another in OH.

And they are filling up.

I'm packing my collections and knickknacks for our next trip to our OH storage.

Yesterday I tackled our bathrooms.  

My goodness I couldn't believe all the stuff I had "stuffed" into those rooms.  

I was going to take some before photos of all of it laid out on my beds to sort through but I was too embrassed.  

Today I'm going to go through all my jewelry.  

That is…I'm going to start to sort through it all.

I got as far as gathering it all together and laying it out on our guest bed. 

Not that I wear a lot of jewelry but I have inherited my Mom's and some of my Mother-in-law's jewelry.  

Last week I embroidered the cutest Santa Claus postcard at our monthly Embroidery Club.  

It's embroidered/appliqued out of fabric and felt.  

I purchased this design as part of a set, In-The-Hoop Christmas Postcards (here), on-line at Embroidery Library.

 I'm definitely going to make some more. 

I finished crocheting my Christmas Star Coasters.

 I made enough for our neighborhood Bunco Christmas Party in December.

Next I have to block and starch all of them. 

While packing I found these cute Halloween mugs to set out on our fireplace mantel. 

And last week I bought some Halloween/Fall fat quarters in the neatest fabrics.  

My brother's Maple Tree changing colors in Ohio.

October is such a beautiful month! 

Thanks for visiting. 

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  1. We are in the beginning stages ...discussing heavily a move. A need for it. Financially, getting out of debt...blah, blah, blah.
    It makes my head swim! I'm watching and reading as you declutter and make way for a move, and a new home.
    I thought I'd never leave here...but it looks like we might be "moving on up"!
    ... or down , as in downsizing. We'll see! I just don't do change very well.
    love your little jokes you make about buying more yarn, and crafting more stuff... all tongue in cheek as you talk about decluttering in your next breath.

  2. You are going to be so happy when everything is unpacked and you are settled in. And you have such a great sense of positiveness about packing things up, sorting them out and moving them. How can chalkboards ever be out?

  3. You will have a lot of fun rediscovering all of your stashes when you unpack. I love that Santa postcard. So cute. Great coasters also.

  4. I just love all of your photos...especially of your are a very talented lady. your quilting is just beautiful. I too crochet and all of your crochet is great looking as well.