Thursday, October 30, 2014

Last Campout & Fall Colors

We spent a few days camping with family in western Pennsylvania last week.   

We picked a campground close to cousins and had a lovely time visiting with them. 

We were the only campers there except for maybe two seasonal campers.

The campground's bathroom was rated a 6.5 out of 10.  

I wouldn't have given it a 2.  

There was no heat in the building and it was chilly out and raining.  

And would you believe there was a timer that controlled the lights in the showers (they allowed a generous  ~ ha! ~ 15 minutes).  

I passed on their showers.  

My SIL said there was a window opened when she used their shower and she was freezing.  

And her hubby, my BIL, said the main lights were in a motion senser and turned off on him and left him in the dark. 

Needless to say we won't return there. 

Our little shower in our travel van worked just fine and we have heat!  

Oh, did I mention only the first day was rain free.  

We came home in the rain too. 

More packing of knickknacks....there seems to be no end of them.  

Most of these are vases collected over years. 

After the rain at the beginning of last week we have had mostly beautiful weather.

Our Green Mountain Maple is changing colors. 

Dropping leaves too!

Hubby said even the leaves on the ground are pretty.

We will hate to leave this gorgeous maple tree when we move. 

I wish we could keep this weather through winter.

I worked hard last weekend...packing more stuff.  

For our last move from Illinois to Pennsylvania we were working and didn't have any time to do any packing or sorting through our stuff.  

Now that we are retired we have time to sort through our stuff.

It feels good to go through everything, cleaning, organizing, and de-cluttering.  

This week we had an appointment with a moving company's representative to get an estimate for our move from Pennsylvania to Ohio.  

We have to pay for this move since it isn't work related like our last two moves.

The appointment was an eye opener. 

We may do more packing then we originally planned to help keep the cost down.

They charge to pack each box plus a charge per pound.  

Speaking of crocheting.

I have the most adorable project to share with you on my next posting. 

So please come back to visit.

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  1. well, too bad about the campgrounds being less than par.
    I guess there's all types. I'll figure that out when we ever get to go camping!
    We have decided to move too! Were not as far in it as y'all are-- but just making the decision was big for us. We started out like gang busters, but now I'm under the has slowed down. We're going to do it though-- the packing, the projects to get the house on the market, and the wrapping up lose ends. Like herding turtles!
    The trees are so lovely where you are! We don't get a show like that here.
    looking forward to seeing your next crochet project.

  2. The colors are gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you're crocheting.

  3. Good thing you had your own shower and heat in your van! A yucky bathroom would have turned me right off and sent me home! I singlehandedly packed my home up when I downsized and moved. Got rid of stuff and today am still making bags for the thrift store. I fianlly wised up and realized it is not about what you want, it is about what you need, and I discovered I need very little!