Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween !

Are you ready for Trick or Treat?

We are here at Teacup Lane.

Candy is ready and Halloween decorations are up.

We put two strings of orange lights on shrubs in front flanking the door along with Mr. Pumpkin Head and Ms. Skeleton. 

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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  1. You too!
    We don't get Trick or Treaters. So I don't decorate. But I like seeing all the decorations when I'm out with the Grand kids.
    We'll be going to TRUNK OR TREAT and a black light show tonight. It'll be fun!
    Happy Halloween

  2. happy Halloween! I just had a large group of kiddies, I am half way theough my candy bags! Ugh! Hope I do not run out!