Saturday, November 1, 2014

Christmas Cupcake Garland

I like to keep my hands busy at night while watching TV.  

Crocheting is perfect for that.

I saw a crocheted cupcake garland on Pinerest but the link was only back to a photo on Flickr.

I thought maybe I could figure out how to duplicate the photo of the first cupcake photo I liked (Exhibit 1 below) but my result didn't look right.

So I surfed Ravelry for a similar pattern.  

Luckily there were many free cupcake patterns listed. 

I liked this one and decided to try it in Christmas colors. 

Out came my cotton yarns in greens, reds and white. 

I attached the cupcakes to a red ribbon.

I loved it.  

So much in fact I'm making a second one.  

These are cute, easy and quick to whip up.  

And will make adorable gifts for any occasion...birthday, wedding, graduation and/or baby shower. 

Link to the free pattern (here) and link to my Ravelry project for details (here).   

First Cakecup Inspiration
Source:  Pinterest

This was the cupcake I tried first to duplicate without a pattern.  

My poor version (not shown) was crocheted from the bottom to the top.  

But I think it should have been croched from the top to the bottom.   

I may try this one again.  

I love the yarns!
Source:  Pinterest

This is another cute cupcake photo from Pinerest!  

This one looks like a cupcake scarf.  

Give it a try crocheting your own cupcake - you will love it!

Update:  I did crochet a second one and added beads to it.  

I'm getting better at decreasing on the cake portion...I think. 

I plan to add beads to the first garland too.  

I worked up the second one in two nights.  

Long day today and very typical November...chilly, windy, rainy, dark and dreary.

We packed our car and travel van today with moving boxes for our storage unit in Ohio.

Stuff that we don't want the movers to move.  

Our travel van is going to Ohio on our next trip and into storage there.  

Which means I drive the car and Hubby drives the travel van on our next trip.  

No sleeping for me.

I'm not use to "driving" especially long "drives".

We set aside two days to get to Ohio in case I get tired driving.   

We want to get the travel van to Ohio before winter comes.  

Can't believe it's November already!  

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  1. Oh Wow! the travel van business sounds adventuresome. Y'all be careful along the way... I'm sure you'll take some kind of pictures while you're there. Keep us posted how that is going.
    The Christmas Cupcakes are adorable!
    I just love them... so Christmas-y! I even like your version. Maybe you could alternate them...with different cupcakes on a ribbon for a festive party...

  2. Good luck on your travels and love the cupcake garland.

  3. Son muy bonitos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. These are adorable, Sandy! Really cute! So the van is moving first. Wow, this is really happening! lol.