Friday, January 31, 2014

Sweet Hearts Mug Rug

I finished my two January 2014 Patrick Lose machine embroidery projects.

"Sweet Hearts" Mug Rug Design has stippling too.

The first one, my "Party with Patrick" placemat, "Love Abloom" I blogged about previously (here).  

Bottom of mug rug…I sewed through all layers for this project.

"Love Abloom" turned out so sweet I decided to use the same fabrics to complete my first Patrick Lose Mug Rug Club project.    

Especially since the January "Sweet Hearts" Mug Rug has an appliqué heart design - it matches the "Love Ablooms" placemat perfectly. 

See I make mistakes…bottom fabric edge got folded over
and caught in satin stitching.

Easy fix this time I just cut it out along the satin stitch line.

This happened not once…but twice!

I've been hand sewing my binding hems on the last several project which looks very nice but it's not as quick as machine stitching it down.

Last night I felt lazy.

So lazy I wanted to machine stitch that binding down.  

"Sweet Hearts" Mug Rug for January 2014!

What do you think?  

Is this mug rug cute as a button or what!

I loved all the layers of fabric for the heart.

Matchy, matchy...

Anyways back to my bias binding...I turned over the binding on the mug rug and lightly glued the binding in place and then machine stitched in the ditch on top - first with white thread and then over again with yellow embroidery thread in a triple stitch.
Whew….both projects done!

It turned out nice and I'll definitely machine stitch the binding again.   

Practice, practice, practice...!

I've been sewing so much lately that my housework has been neglected.  

My stove and oven need a good cleaning along with our master bedroom and bath so I may have to take a few days off from sewing.  

One of these days I may get maid service again.    

Cleaning is NOT fun like sewing (or crocheting) !

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  1. I am so impressed with what you do. Everything is so cute and pretty.

    If you sell a few items you could easily pay for maid service. :-) I hate cleaning the house. I can always think of many other things I'd rather be doing. And we always say the same thing - this house would never get cleaned unless someone is coming over. Thank goodness we don't have a lot of visitors. ROFL!

  2. I love your projects, Sandy, you do beautiful work! I am still looking for a cleaning lady. I need to tackle the bedrooms and store room. xo