Monday, January 20, 2014

My Mug Rugs

These little mug rugs are fun to sew and perfect to practice sewing bias bindings on. 

I like both mug mats shown here and although my bias binding turned out better on the poinsettia one, both appliqués are part of Merry Minis Mug Rugs (here) designs. 

Patrick Lose has several excellent videos on bias bindings (here's one). 

Here's the link for the pattern for the Shining Star Ornament Mug Rug (here).  

This is a 13 inch square I cut for this bias binding.
You offset the "rows" by one row before cutting.  

For some reason after calculating the size of fabric square I needed for the ornament mug rug's bias binding I just had enough length.   Usually you want several inches more than the circumference of the mug rug to play with.  I don't know what happened on this one.  I even had Hubby look at my calculations and he said I figured it correctly.  For the poinsettia mug rug I increased the fabric square from 9 inches to 13 inches and I had plenty of bias binding length.  

I think the bias binding got twisted on the ornament mug mat too.  

I may rip it out and cut another bias binding. 

I've blogged in the past about joining my local sewing store's monthly Embroidery and Party with Patrick clubs last year and I'm signing up again for 2014.  

Yesterday I joined another monthly club.  

This one I joined on-line at Patrick Lose's's a monthly Mug Mat Club.

Read about it (here).

These mug rugs will make cute gifts.

Once reason I like Patrick Lose's designs is because he mostly focuses on "celebrations"…like special occasions and holidays.

I'm not getting paid to write about Patrick Lose's machine embroidery designs either by the way. 

Just in case you are wondering!

Laugh for the day:

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  1. Love your rug mugs, they are terrific and love that e card, it gave me a big giggle.

  2. Those are my favorite thing you've made so far - love that flower one. You really inspire me and make me want to do something like this but I have neither the talent nor the time. I do enjoy seeing your finished projects. I'm sure it's all a lot of work but you make it seem so fun.

  3. Those are so cute! How clever, and perfect for a cuppa. Love them!

  4. These are so pretty. I love the circles, but isn't it hard to bind around a circle?
    I've never tried.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  5. Sandy, these are so sweet. I love everything you make. You just knock out projects one after the other. You could teach classes. xo

  6. They are gorgeous. Love them!

  7. These are so pretty and what a beautiful job you've done on them too! I think they'd make cute pot holders too! You're very good.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)