Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Valentine Framed

I added several fabric flanges to my Valentine embroidery today.

As usual I used left over fabrics from my stash.

It's not easy to take a photo of my Valentine framed - those darn light reflections on the glass. 

This Valentine machine embroidery design, along with my other holiday ones I've framed previously, are included in this collection - Anita Goodesign Mini Collection "Holiday Tea Towels"

I added some 3M Command Strips to the side of my cutting table to hang my plastic cutting rulers and squares. 

So much better.   

They're off my cutting table but still within reach. 

Happy Sunday Evening to all!

Tonight is another episode of "Downton Abbey" and the start of the third season of "Sherlock".

Great shows to enjoy! 

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  1. So sweet Sandy, I love your craft/sewing room. xo

  2. Just beautiful - you are obviously having a lot of fun. I love your sewing room. Nice!!

  3. that is adorable and I'm so pleased I saw it, because I have an aversion to satin stitch. I note that you have used a cross cross stitched effect in the heart which looks lovely. I hope to try that out soon.