Sunday, December 8, 2013

Smiling Snowman Mug Mat

This little appliqué embroidered Patrick Lose design is so cute!

It's almost too pretty to use.

I tried to machine stitch the binding…but it looked terrible so I picked it out and hand stitched it instead.

It looks cute on my crocheted hexagon throw, "Sparkle". 

Smiling Snowman Mug Mat

This is a gift for my hair stylist.  

I'll have to make one for myself too.   

I only have one more fat quarter of the pretty blue fabric. 

 I love it because it looks like snow falling.
The Home of Mr. & Mrs. Magano "Marlboro Manor" Circa 1842

Yesterday we went on the 38th Chadds Ford Candlelight Christmas historic house tour.    

We visited 15 gorgeous homes here in SE PA.

This is an event we look forward to every Christmas.
"Marlboro Manor"

We weren't allow to take interior photos {{{darn!}}} but I took a few exterior ones to share with you.

"Marlboro Manor"

"Marlboro Manor" (circa 1842) had their porch decorated in Christmas-y reds and greens. 

The Joseph Barnard House circa 1790

A subdivision was built around this historic home, The Joseph Barnard House (circa 1790), …but only on the condition the home was restored.
The Joseph Bardnard House 

These homes were filled with beautiful antiques - I can't believe how gracious the homeowners are for opening their homes up for viewing to the public. 

Rosewood, circa 1861

"Rosewood" (circa 1861) sits on 36 acres of beautiful landscaped grounds. 

The Yellow House

And this one sits on top of a hill and is named "The Yellow House of Willowdale" (19th century stucco over stone home) and is used for weddings.

It's snowing!

Today we are having our first snowfall since we returned from Florida!  

Well, I better get back to my indoor Christmas decorating…that is after I sit watching the fire and listening to Christmas music while I drink my morning coffee.  

This is our fireplace mantel... so far. 

Have a lovely  December weekend.

Let It Snow!  
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  1. Chads Ford, is that the winery? I have had their wine and it is excellent. Love the photos, the sky in the photo of The Yellow House is breathtaking . What a difference a day makes in the weather. So far it has not started snowing here but it sure feels like it at any moment. xo

  2. The home tour sounds cool. I like your little snowman mat!

  3. Sandy,
    What a great post!! Loved it!! I have taken everyone advice and I am enjoying what i was able to get done this year!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  4. Oh, those homes. How beautiful! That must've been fun. I would love to do a house tour at Christmas! And your little snowman mug mat. Sooooo cute! Wish I could quilt! xxoo. JO

  5. I just love older homes that are filled with amazing antiques. I bet the tour was beautiful.