Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas-y Sparkle

I'm so happy…my Christmas cards are done!

And in between Christmas shopping and outside decorating, I managed to squeeze some time in for my embroidery and crocheting. 

My free motion quilting is a little getting better. 

I sure hope I can finish quilting this Santa fabric panel before Christmas.  

I picked out the Christmas-y fabrics to frame my Christmas Tree embroidery design. 

Yesterday I appliquéd the Christmas Lights on to my next Party with Patrick project, "Holiday Pot Holder".  

This time I bought the appliqué embroidery design on line. 

I was disappointed that it wasn't a complete "in the hoop" design for all four light bulbs but rather just appliqué embroidery files for the light bulb in three sizes.  

So I had to manually position each appliqué in my hoop and stitch each light bulb out individually.  

Wish I could manually stitch a satin stitch this nicely though. 

I don't think it is cheating if I let the machine do the stitching. 

I finished the last round of hexagons in white (54 of them!) on my hexagon throw, "Sparkle".  

Each hexie has a long end tail that I used to slip stitch the sides of each hexie together.

And I found the perfect edging for "Sparke".  

It a Pom Pom edging I found (here) at Robin's "Once Upon A Pink Moon" blog.  

I love it in RED!

I just found Robin's blog and it is fantastic.    

  Oh, yes I finished the Pom Pom edging yesterday!!!

"Sparkle" is done!

It's a heavy throw but deliciously cosy and warm.

No snow here yet.  

Once the service guys are done with installing our new AC today I can drag out my interior Christmas decorations and really go into high speed decorating.

By the way our new furnace is a two-stage gas furnace.

With our old furnace we could always hear it when the blower turned on.

We can't hear this one at all.    

And here is "Sparkle"!

(click here for more details)

Hubby asked if I was going to give it away since I already have too many crocheted throws.

I don't know if anyone else is crazy about my color combination but I sure do love it.

Now I ask you, "Can one have too many crocheted throws?"

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  1. Wow, so many beautiful creations! You're incredibly talented.

  2. No you can't !!! Your craft work is going ahead in leaps and bounds.

  3. Never enough throws! I am sure they would make welcome gifts! Raffle one off at Bunco night!! Your handiwork is inspiring, Sandy, xo

  4. You have been so busy!!! I love the finished blanket, and you are right that border is perfect.
    Hugs to you,