Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Santas

I have to crochet one more Pincushion - pattern click (here) - to take home for Christmas.  

Then I will have enough for all the gals in my family.

I'm enjoying crocheting the Santa Badges - pattern click (here).  

I have five made so far.   

I even went back to the first one and added another row of white fringe to Santa's beard.

Today I'll start packing clothes for our trip to Ohio for Christmas.   

Get my hair done.   

Decorating is finished...well as much as I want to do. 

Yesterday we booked another tour across the pond with our college friends.  

This one is for northern Italy 2014.  

We loved our tour to England/Wales/Scotland this year and are thrilled to be going to Italy next spring.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Italy next Spring???? We'll keep a lookout for you !! We'll be there for the whole of May.

  2. These Santa's are adorable! I am also planning to go to Tuscany in 2014 to celebrate the big six-oh. Wishing all of us safe travels in advance. xo

  3. Your Santa's are precious. My son is coming home from Ohio for Christmas, he is looking froward to warmer temps. And I dream of going to Italy, I know I will enjoy it through you.