Monday, December 16, 2013

Chalkboard Christmas Art & Crocheted Ornaments

Remember my cheap and easy chalkboard that I posted about (here)?

It's my second highest viewed blog post.

I decorated it for Christmas!

See my three vintage Santas on the teacup shelf?

That was fun!

I should make a larger chalkboard.

I love Santas!

Click (here) for my Santa Badge project.

I found this cute, free tutorial (here) by Sharlene McKay to crochet this adorable Santa Badge

And the Christmas wreath is made with pipe cleaners, believe it or not.   

I crouched the wreaths in two sizes and put them together and added a ribbon.

For your Bendy Scalloped Ornaments patterns, like the Christmas Wreath, by Jennifer Dickerson click (here).

Jennifer's Christmas Wreath tutorial is great and the wreath is so easy to crochet. 

Did you see my mistake yet?

The one on the left is correct.  

I added the third fringe row in white above the face on my first one on the right and it should be below.  

The tricky part is making the Chinese Ball Buttons for the eyes and nose.  

Here's a video (here) that helped me.  

Still practicing them though.  


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  1. So cute, Sandy. I love the chalkboard. I have one and need to write something Christmasy on it! xo

  2. I like your chalkboard art, Sandy, and your darling crocheted Santa Claus faces. I also have a "thing" for Santa Claus! :)

  3. You truly are an artist Sandy! I have been perusing your latest posts and they are so full of talent and Christmas spirit. Happy holidays to you. :-)