Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm wishing you a most magical Thanksgiving with your loved ones.  

I promised to show you some close up photos of my new Disney shoulder bag.  

In addition to Tinkerbell -  the back has a cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  

It's just the cutest purse!

It even has a zipper that is multi-colored like a rainbow. 

While down at Disney World we took a day off from the parks and went over to the Titanic Museum in Orlando. 

This is a copy of the second class china used on the White Star Line's Titanic.

It's in my favorite colors of red and turquoise.  

This is the second Titanic Museum we have been to.  

We really enjoyed it and recommend it highly if you are in the Orlando area.  

This song is almost as addictive as "It's a Small World".   

Can you guess what Disney Magic Kingdom attraction it is from?

We came home from Florida to a very cold house.  

Our furnace wasn't working. 

We got a repairman out the same day and he tried a  "fix".  

But unfortunately it didn't work and we were freezing again.  

Of course with the holiday it would be over a week until they can install the new units but a replacement part was ordered and installed in the old unit yesterday.  

We have HEAT again.  

However, the writing is on the wall and it's time to replace what we have. 

It's just Hubby and I here at Teacup Lane for Thanksgiving.  

I'm not fixing a big dinner since it's just the two of no turkey but I'm going to do pork chops with dressing and make a pumpkin pie.  

And tomorrow the Christmas season begins!  

Pumpkin Pie ready to go into the oven!

Oh, boy!  

Here we go again!

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  1. Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving.

    We just had to replace the whole heat/air conditioning unit at the lakehouse. Ugh. Huge expense but it works so much better. Now we're glad we did it.