Saturday, November 2, 2013

Crocheting & Sewing

Two of my favorite hobbies!

"Hexie" is coming along nicely.  

Remember I wasn't happy with my joining of the hexagons.  

Well, last night I frogged the single crochet join and started over.  

I more loosely joined the hexagons with a single crochet in the hexes corner spaces with a three chain single crochet three chain join on the sides.

Update:  I named my hexie "Sparkle".  Click here to find more information and link to pattern.

I liked it!

I don't have another skein of the turquoise so this will be the last hexagon round for that color.

I think another round of white, followed by red and a last round of white should do it.

Then I will be able to tell if it is the right size for a lap throw or not.  

On to next love.
I'm learning how to add lettering - added name of table topper, my name and year. 

I think my eyes crossed from embroidering the satin stitch around all the pumpkins and leaves on my "Party with Patrick" November project, "Pumpkin Patch". 

Everything was double since I appliquéd both sides.

I forced myself to continue with the satin stitch even though with my head so close to the work I could see every little boo-boo.   

This isn't a programmed design where satin stitches turn out beautifully without me doing a thing.  

This is little old me trying to guide the fabric around all those tiny corners.

It ain't so easy.

I know...

Practice makes perfect!!! 

Sorry this one is fuzzy...light is low in our basement.  

I love my background fabrics so much for this project that I couldn't decide which one to use as the top for the appliqués.

Then a light bulb went off in my brain...why couldn't I appliqué both sides?  

So that's what I did. 

The next step is to quilt the top.  

I'm planning on trying "free motion quilting".  

I drafted a vine with leaf pattern to copy for the center of the table topper.

I will practice this before stitching it on the topper.

I may not get to this step until we are back from our upcoming trip to Walt Disney World.  

Our days are busy until we leave next week.   

I can't take my sewing machine with me but my crocheting travels wonderfully!

This is a cute Mickey and Minnie throw from Walt Disney World.

We're going to put this throw up on the front window while we are camped at Ft. Wilderness.  

Hubby asked me to try it out at home before we drag it all the way to Florida.

It works!!!

Laugh of the day:

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  1. that's an ambitious crochet project you've got going there. You're a better woman than I am to sew/crochet all those pieces together! Love the fall tabletopper and mats. Looks like you did a great job embroidering the words. Have fun with it!

  2. I don't know where to begin, you have such beautiful creations going on. The hexes are looking beautiful. I haven't tried hexes yet but I really want to. The appliqueing is fantastic! I think doing both sides was a great idea and the words look very nice. I look forward to seeing the quilting.

  3. You are turning out some winners Sandy. All lovely and useful too!