Saturday, November 23, 2013

Disney & Sparkle

I finished several rounds of my hexagon lap throw, Sparkle, while at Disney and on the road.  

I'm on the last round in white.  

It takes 54 hexes.

Then I can crochet the edging.  

I'll probably go with a simple edge using the three colors.

I've decided to machine-embroider labels for all of my throws.

Now to fit that project in with everything else.

I hope to put the Christmas lights and outside decorations up before Thanksgiving.

We won't turn the lights on until after Thanksgiving.

And I hope to cross Christmas cards off my list too.

That will just leave gifts and indoor decorations after Thanksgiving.

I want to leave you with some more pictures of Ft. Wilderness and Walt Disney World.

We had a blast on this trip

A campsite at Ft. Wilderness.

Folks were getting in the mood to start decorating for Christmas at Ft. Wilderness Campground.

For the first time, in a long time, Cinderella's Castle was open to walk through.  

I loved the tile mosaics!

He's all mine!

I saw someone with one of these early on and just loved it.  

But I had no clue where they got it.

As we were walking out of the Magic Kingdom (last time this trip) I spied one.  

They were selling them as popcorn containers.  

We bought one.  

Mickey's hat tips up to get to the popcorn.  

And the popcorn was delicious.  

First time we tried Disney's popcorn.  

Mickey had a birthday in November too!

He looks pretty good for 85!  

If you look close you can see my new birthday gift, a Dooney & Bourke Disney shoulder bag.

I went all over the place trying to find the new Vera Bradley Disney bags.

There were two fabrics, one in pink and another in blue.

All I could find in the pink fabric was a large duffle bag which I didn't want.

I didn't care for the blue fabric or the selection of bags available.

Then we were at the Floridian and I found this adorable Disney bag. 

Gosh, it was expensive…$128 and it is only fabric vinyl.

But…it is so cute.  It has Minnie and Mickey on it.

Tink too and Cinderella's Castle.

I'll have to take a close up photo of it and post it later.

Our last day at Ft. Wilderness the Christmas trees, flowers and outside lights were up.

 When we went to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party we loved the parade.

These marching men were so neat.

After the busy weekend Ft. Wilderness emptied out.  

Everything is packed away and we are ready to leave the next morning. 

Even the folks staying at the cabins at Ft. Wilderness get into the Christmas spirit.

See the serpent by Cinderella's Castle.

The Disney shops were filled with Disney related Christmas items.

Aren't these stockings cute!

Each one was around $90!!!

Too expensive for me but I would love to have them.

The final float in Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade!

The white specks are fake snow.

And I finish my Disney post with a photo of Hubby and I after the fantastic parade.  

Walt Disney World is truly a magical place.

What a great way to celebrate my 67th birthday!
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  1. This week The VIEW was taping from Disneyland. Have you been there? I tell you, it put me in a mood to go! Only I can't do all that walking. :/.

  2. I am so glad you had such a wonderful time, you deserve the cute bag, after all everyone deserves a treat.