Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shades of Red I like

Shades of pink & red buttons and red toile....yummy!

1868 Kentucky

Look at all those teeny, tiny quilting stitches!  

Oh, my the work that went into this stunning red, white & blue quilt.

I need a new ironing board cover.  I like Lallee's!

Red with white poke a dots....wow!

I love Lallee's kitty!  Lallee takes the best pictures and what a photogenic kitty.

Good advice I will be taking now.  LOL!

 I have other things to work on today....some sewing and I'm still fussing with our Guest Bathroom balloon shades.   Ah...the good life of a retiree!  I love it!  

It's pouring down rain so I'll be staying indoors today. 

Have a lovely day! 

And there are more REDs to enjoy with our host, Sue, at 

It's A Very Cherry World

for REDnesday!

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  1. I might want to iron more often if I had a cute ironing board cover like that! The kitty is so cute. I want to stay in today too, 'cause of the rain, but I need to go to the P.O. Oh well, xo

  2. Giggile-giggle... If you find one of those ironing board covers, please let me know. It's a must for my house. Stepping away is a good thing at times to remember. Especially, when the weather is nice. Remember we have a long winter ahead.

  3. Great pictures! Thanks for the dazzling inspiration. =)

  4. Love all your reds!I could use that advice sometimes, myself. hehe

  5. Wonderful reds! The sign made me laugh! happy Rednesday!

  6. I am crazy for red in my retro kitchen!!
    Just a quick note.... I am having a Halloween Giveaway... Come on over!!

  7. Love your reds, and I also want a red polka dot ironing board cover :)