Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Mr. & Mrs. Yankee Doodle Dandy

Happy 4th of July to all of you!

Welcome to my Stars and Stripes Home!

This is a cute, little, patriotic pillow I picked up several years ago.

My Granny Stars Garland hanging in our kitchen window.

Red, White & Blue Granny Stars Garland I crocheted (read all about here).

Inside our front door

More decorations....

Happy 4th of July!

Stars and stripes hanging on front door.


There isn't enough room to hang this 4th of July flag over the front door so I hung it on the door.

We're at home just relaxing and grilling today.

Have a seat and enjoy a refreshing cranberry drink!

Today's supper will be marinated flank steak on the Hubby's favorite meal (and mine too). 

July 4, 1896 was my paternal Grandfather's birthday.  I miss you Granddaddy! 

Friday we went to Michaels and I bought lots of red, lime green and white.  Christmas is less than 6 months away so I have to get busy crocheting some Christmas throws.  Maybe one ripple in red and white, a granny in red, lime green and white and with luck I'll have enough for a third one.

We also got a piece of white paper to use to make a light box for taking close up photos. 

Christmas yarn

Have a wonderful Star Spangled Day!

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  1. The granny squares are great! Happy 4th to you!

  2. Happy Fourth of July, enjoy the rest of the day. Can't wait to see those Christmas throws. Sandy, when I looked at your stars banner, I thought, "Sandy needs an Etsy shop!" I'd be stopping by often. :) xo,

  3. Oh Sandy!
    What a delight to pop over and see your July 4th decorations! It's amazing how I am over the other side of the world and I can pop in and visit your home.
    You have decorated it beautifully! Well done and thank you for your kind comments on SIBOL.

    Also I'm interested in this yarn! Wow! Oh dont you just love new yarn!
    We still want more.....and more....
    Hugs and enjoy yourselves!

  4. Happy 4th July to you and all our American friends.
    Love your star spangled banner.
    Carol xx

  5. Happy 4th of July. Hope you have a lovely, restful day and a great BBQ tonight.