Friday, July 8, 2011

Vintage Embroidered Hankerchiefs

I'm old enough to remember the beautifully embroidered and crocheted linen 
days before the mass production of paper tissue (Kleenex).

I have a small collection of vintage embroidered/crocheted handkerchiefs...some from my childhood and others that belonged to my Mother-in-law.  

Vintage Embroidered Hankies

Isn't this beautiful!

Look at how tiny these stitches are!

Isn't the red embroidered one unique?

So pretty!

I love, love these beautiful hankies!

The flowered pattern one on the right with the blue edging is different...isn't it?

As pretty as these hankies were, if you had a serious cold, they just didn't do the job.  

My Mother, who was a working woman in the 1950s, wouldn't let us kids stay home from school unless we had a fever.  So, I went to school with some serious head colds.  I remember taking my Dad's large white men's handkerchief to grade school for one particularly bad cold.  I also remember being pretty miserable that day.

I crochet (with yarn) but I don't think I could crochet with thread and hook this tiny.  Just imagine the work involved in crocheting the teeny, tiny stitches in each of these hankies. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing my vintage linens!  

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  1. Love your vintage hankies. I too have a large collection of them I have purchased over the years on Ebay or Flea Markets. However, I have one special one that was my Grandmother's & that I hold so dear. I even remember her carrying it... pinned to her purse.
    Lovely post.....

  2. Those hankies are beautiful!! I tell you something I think is so chivalrous and romantic is when a man gives a lady in distress a crisp white hankerchief - swoon!!

    If you can crochet you'd be able to do those edgings, I've only been crocheting a couple of years and did some similar lace edging on pillowcases for our bed - you just need a little practice and good lighting!!

    Have a lovely weekend....

    S x

  3. I loved seeing your collection. There is a tea room near us that has about 50 displayed in one of their rooms. I love seeing them. Hobby Lobby actually has hankies with "holes" all ready to crochet. I thought I might try it sometime.

    Just lovin' your blog!

  4. These are just lovely. I have quite a collection of them too. My mom made the tatted ones. Like your new blog look and the music is lovely.

  5. These hankies are beautiful, and I remember my mother having some like these, with crocheted edging. I don't think I kept any of them :( It was mandatory when I was in the early grades of elementary school that we have a hankie pinned to our dress. xo

  6. I adore vintage hankies and have quite a collection myself. They bring back such an image of a different time. I think I continued to carry a hankie somewhere in the bottom of my purse up until about 10 years ago. Thank you for sharing your collection.

  7. Definately an amazing collection of vintage hankies. Love them.

    Pam x

  8. Sandy,
    I have some that my grandmother made. I wouldn't dream of using them! Yours are just beautiful.

  9. Sandy, these are so fantastic. I cannot imagine the patience it would take to make one! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  10. I just love these hankies~ so feminine and delicate!

  11. Those hankies are truly lovely... would love to stack them everywhere around my kitchen, pretty baskets, bins, cupboards, etc... thanks for participating in Show Off Your Cottage Monday and bringing me here!

    Be blessed


  12. Hi Sandy,I just found you from blog hopping from Cielo the house in the roses,show off your cottage Monday.I love your blog and am so glad I popped over! I've never seen crochet hankerchiefs before these are so beautiful...
    happy weekend,lots of love juliexxx