Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Scream for Ice Cream

Images Courtesy of Flickr

Click on each legend to see the full yummy treat!

1. Helado fresa 100%natural, 2. Ice Cream Cone, 3. treat, 4. first Dairy Queen of the year, 5. tumblr_li6ggarPuG1qf18bvo1_500_large, 6. Ice cream, 7. 10 | Ice ice baby, 8. Fake Ice Cream Sundae, 9. *slurp slurp!!

In this hot weather who doesn't LOVE ice cream!

All of these treats look sooooo delicious!  

Can you guess which one is fake?

Since Hubby and I are counting calories we bought Klondike ice cream squares in different flavors.  That way we can still have our treat but not go overboard dishing out too many scoops of ice cream.   Plus we know exactly how many calories in a square.  

 I recommend Klondike's new chocolate chip!

I love this flavor!

Please join Mary at The Little Red House (here) for more Mosaic Monday!

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  1. You're screaming to the choir with this one. I'll take all nine please.

  2. Hi Sandy!
    today I will have my favorite, Butter Pecan.
    Thank you!!!

  3. I love the Klondike squares, they come in sugar-free too. xo,

  4. Oh, my! My mouth is watering! A great cool down, but where to start???!!! :D :D :D And, they are so colorful!

  5. Mint Choco-chip should be a food group all it's own...I'm with favorite.
    I'll pick the bottom middle as the fake!
    Happy Sunday!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet p-Noeth Mornings...

  6. Ooooo...okay, so now I really want ice cream! This is a brilliant mosaic...inspired...really!

  7. Squares of ice cream sounds like a great idea, I wonder if we have these in Canada? Everything else seems to be coming in 100 cal packages, why not ice cream?

  8. Um. Yes. I would love some ice cream right now. That's a good plan with the pre-portioned ice creams. And I love some mint and chocolate. :)

  9. I'm a bit weird, perhaps, but I favor ice-cream in cold weather (it seems to melt too fast in summer), but hey, I'll eat it anytime!

    I'll pick the middle one, top row, as fake.

  10. Thanks for sharing this nice photos!

  11. Oh my what a fun mosaic!!! One in which I'd love to jump and enjoy the flavors!! A mosaic that make me smile!!! Have a grand day! Cathy

  12. Ice cream would be something that I would over indulge in too just because it is so good and comes in so many wonderful flavours. I sometimes buy a skinny cow so I do not feel deprived. I will look for your squares. They look good. V

  13. This may send me out for a Pralines and Cream cone!

  14. We all scream for ice cream, Rah, rah, rah