Saturday, May 14, 2011

PINK Saturday and The Porch is Clean!

I can't help taking another look at our Easter Flowers in all their PINKNESS!

The new pressure washer!

Yesterday I started using our new pressure washer to clean our screened in porch.   It works great at cleaning off the furniture....all the YELLOW yucky tree pollen is gone.  I still have to scrub the bottoms of the patio chairs...two are year I will put them away in the shed instead of leaving them out all winter on the porch.  I couldn't believe all the dirt and grime on the floor.

The Adirondack green chairs are from Lands End.

Today I finished the porch and the deck before the rain started.  

We have rain forecasted through Wednesday...five straight days of rain.   ICK!  

All done - just before the rain started!

Dirt and grime collect under the railings on to the floor and it is very hard to get it all out.  Spraying on one side will push it out on the other side.  Then I would have to go back and re-clean the side I already cleaned.  But each time it gets cleaner.  Patience.....

It's pretty dark out - no sun shining here today!

All the furniture is shining now and even the grill cover that had yellow pollen all over it is all clean.  

This table and chairs set belonged to my in-laws.  They are holding up nicely for their age.

It's still raining lightly out and the temperature has dropped to 61 degrees F. so it is cool outside.  Too cool to sit out and enjoy the clean porch.  Shucks!

I'm hosting our BUNCO neighborhood group this Wednesday.  It's a good incentive to get me going to polish the silver (done!), clean out the fireplace (done!) and clean my teacups (yea...done!).  

The valances I have in our family room and kitchen are from Country Curtains.  I love them because they are washable.  I bought two sets - one in Cranberry checks for fall and winter - and the other in Tan checks for spring and summer.  I broke one of the glass finials on one of the curtain rods taking down the valance yesterday.  Thankfully Hubby glued it back together - we letting it set for at least two days.  I hope it works.  

The Tan Checked valance in our family room.  

I use this set in the spring and summer.
The Tan Checked valance over the kitchen sink.
Next I think I will tackle our book units in the family room.  They always need straightening up.  Tomorrow is grocery shopping to get food and drinks needed for BUNCO.  I have the cleaning service coming Tuesday to do the general cleaning (yea!).   

Are you wondering what BUNCO is?  It's an easy dice game that we play with 12 people.   It's an excuse to get together with the girls and have a fun night out.   Each of the regulars take a turn hosting once a year.  We also have about 12 ladies who sub for a regular when necessary. 

Do you have neighborhood get togethers?  

Have a lovely weekend and thanks so much for visiting with me.  

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  1. Hiya,

    I've just found your blog - I love your porch, would love to have one but we don't tend to have them on houses here in the UK. I love it in films when people sit on their porches (I think we would call them "verandas") in a rocking chair with a jug of ice tea - and I have never even been to the US!!

    Going to have a mooch around the rest of your blog....

    S x

  2. Sandy that porch is so spotless. We had a set just like yours in CA but had to leave it when we moved. I think I sold it.
    Anyway here in AK things are not this clean and it's because we live in a wild land with lots of gravel instead of pavement and grass so that makes for dust and debris. I vacuum about every other day here and always get tiny gravel off the floor from the dogs feet.

  3. Hi Sandy, my you have been a busy bee! Your porch looks great! I have heard of Bunco, I didn't realize you needed 12 to play it. Have fun with the group. xo,

  4. Yay!!!! Clean Porch!
    Now you just have to paint the floor PINK :)
    Happy PS!
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and the Pixies!

  5. Wow! Your porch is spotless now! *nice* I used to play Bunco, but I don't have the time anymore.

  6. I love playing Bunco with my friends! =D Every time, we hope for a clear weather so we can stay at my front porch while playing that game. I see to it that it’s in tip-top shape and spotless clean. I wouldn’t want my girl friends to see bug droppings everywhere. Bleeeeech!

    Kylee Groves

  7. What a great looking deck! Good thing you finished fast. :D Nothing beats a clean deck – one that is free of grime and dirt. How were you able to get those in between tight spaces?


    1. Thanks Angelina,
      We had the flooring boards laid tightly together and the presser washer (and a regular hose too) work great between the boards. No problems at all getting the grime and dirt out to rinse out.

  8. Nice! Your porch looks really clean! You didn’t put a lot of stuff there, just a table and chairs actually, but it turned out to be very beautiful! I’d love to spend my spare time in a porch like this! :D

    Christian Renwick