Friday, May 20, 2011

The Color PINK

Images Courtesy of Flickr

1. Pink Uno, 2. pink building, 3. Hidden Cottage, 4. Pink & Black, 5. Illusory, 6. 100_1052, 7. This is one of my favorites! Nothing like a pink and red house., 8. Pink house, 9. little pink house

Minnie Mouse would love these PINK buildings!

You gotta love No. 1...a pink home with a pink car and pink flowers!

And I would love to see more of No. 3 (that adorable pink cottage) and No. 4 (I like that black front door it really pops with the pink house and that large picture window...yum, yum).

How about you...would you go PINK?  

I would... if I lived down south and especially close to the ocean.

I'm sure our Homeowners Association wouldn't approve pink as an exterior color in our subdivision!

Ha!  You bet they wouldn't!

Welcome to Beverly's Pink Saturday .  Click on her link to see more PINK!

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  1. Love all the pinks...and the pink houses are just stunning.

  2. I love the pink houses! Thank you for sharing this. I have some flowers and some decorated flowers on my centerpiece for this pink Saturday!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Hmmmm, I'd take any color to live walking distance to the beach. Wouldn't a nice big home walking distance to relaxing waves be so delightful! Might make my senior mom's gardening a tad more difficult but I think she'd gladly trade her butterflies and butterfly garden for starfish and cute crabs. :)

  4. I could live in # 4 with that soft shade. ;-)
    Great images! ~ Sarah

  5. I think I could do it! If I was in the right town!
    Great post!

  6. You definitely found lots of pinks. These look nice, but I am not sure if I would paint my house pink.

  7. what a lovely mosaic! i don't think i could go pink, though. happy pink saturday and have a great weekend!

  8. How cute and pretty. Oh, I could live in number 7. Wouldn't that be fun. Love the mosaic. Very pretty and fun to look at. Happy Pink Saturday. Karie

  9. Happy Pink Saturday Sandy Sweetie...
    What a gorgeous pink share today. I love your mosaic photos. That little cottage is my dream. I love the way the roof does a little wave thing. As much as I love pink though, I couldn't live in a pink house. It reminds me of play-dough. Now I would love a pink door, for an accent, and maybe some shutters.

    You really found some great ones today though. Thank you so much for sharing with me sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  10. What wonderful pink scenes! Thanks for sharing these.

  11. Gorgeous red hearts!!! I love them so!