Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Flower Boxes

Another beautiful day here at Teacup Lane.
Our back yard is a work in progress.  And has been for years.

Yesterday I planted flowers in the window boxes on our shed.

At the ends of each box are Vinca Vines...they will trail down over the box just lovely.  

The purple flower is Callie Purple (Calibrachoa) and the pink flower is Silhouette Salmon (Double Impatiens). 

The yellow flower is Superbells Saffron.  

And in the center of each box is a Coleus.     

Yep, that's me reflected in the window.

This is box number 1.

Me again and box number 2.

And there I am again with box number 3.

The flower boxes on the shed aren't very large but they do hold quite a few flowers.  

Once everything starts growing they should become more lush...I hope.

The shed.

I thought I would share some photos of the back yard with you.

Our huge Snowball shrub I blogged about recently.

We had the landscapers add the paver sidewalk and stepping stones last fall.

We are thinking of having a paver patio added along the back of the porch/deck with a short wall around the front of the river birch tree and maybe a small water fountain that we can see from the porch.  Now that the evergreens and river birch tree have grown we have more shade we may have problems with grass growing here in a few years.  

And my dream is to have flowers planted under the Serviceberry tree next to the stepping stones.  I think Impatiens would look lovely here.  

I can't plant anything on the other side of the porch until we have all the downspout gutters buried in the yard.  That's a good excuse for it being so empty and plain.  Right now it's a great place for all the weeds to grow.  And boy do they!   LOL! 

Clean Me!

Tomorrow is suppose to be nice so I'm finally going to clean the porch and deck.  Just the little bit I did yesterday with planting the flowers in the window boxes and trimming our seeded areas in the yard did me in.  I was so sore last night and still am a little bit today.  I have all these things I want to do but my body isn't always up to the task.  It's no fun getting older and not being able to do the things I use to be able to do.   

Well, that's enough feeling sorry for myself.  I'm going to get a nice, cool drink and sit out on the porch and listen to the birds.  

Wish you could sit with me! 

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  1. Your shed is adorable Sandy. Nice job with the flower boxes. I know, this old mare ain't what she used to be either!! xo,

  2. Everything from the window boxes to the property in general is magazine perfect!!
    Have a Wonderful Weekend!!

  3. Lovely! I wish I could be there on the porch with you, admiring all the growing things. I hope you'll keep us updated as the planters start to grow.

  4. The boxes are lovely. I put a planter inside of my boxes rather than put dirt in them, it works better in this climate. Mine are not even planted yet let alone outside, way long time to go yet. Your yard looks gorgeous. Sorry you are feeling so out of shape.

  5. Hi Sandy, I posted just before the Big Blogger Debacle on Thursday. I love your shed, it looks like a little cottage. Gardening and planting is a lot of work but when we reap the benefits, it is so worth it! xo,

  6. Wow! Your back yard looks fantastic. I love your porch.