Thursday, May 19, 2011

Between the Rains...

Isn't the center of the four petaled Kousa Dogwood flower looks like a "button"!

Bloomin' Kousa Dogwood!

Bloomin' flowers of our Kousa Dogwood!

We got lucky and had a few hours of sunshine between the clouds and the thunderstorms today! a true dedicated blogger I grabbed my camera and ran out to get photos of our blooming

  Kousa Dogwood tree.  

The Kousa Dogwood is a native plant to this area.  It will grow to about 25 feet.  It is loaded with these pretty greenish yellow flowers.

Enjoy some more views....

Isn't it pretty with the sun shining through the flowered branches?

Interesting leaves too!

Our stunning Kousa Dogwood Tree!

The sun has gone away and the clouds are getting dark and gray with severe thunderstorms coming. 

Now I have to turn lights on in the house it's getting very dark. 

But our grass is loving all this rain and is sooo thick.  

Rain is predicted through next Monday...that's over a week of rain. 

Call me...


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  1. Love, love, love those green blooms!

  2. Your garden is like the Botanic Gardens, Sandy. I love dogwood. The blooms are a little different from dogwood trees around here. All that is growing in my yard are the weeds. xo,

  3. Looks like you are getting our rain your way. The trees love it, but I am done with it for a while. Great pics.

  4. Lovely blooms! Dogwood is one of my favorite flowering trees. This variety is new to me. Send us some rain!

  5. Beautiful close ups of the blooms. I love the way the petals look pale green. Nancy H

  6. My first visit to your blog , and I'm following. I love lime green flowers!....and teacups too!