Monday, December 6, 2010

A Very Berry Teddy Bear!

Hello!  I'm pleased to meet you!

Meet Mr. Very Berry Teddy Bear!

He's all decked out in his Christmas colors - red & green!

I'm having computer problems which is very unusual since I have an Apple MacBook Pro laptop.  My screen went totally black a few days ago.  I've been using my hubby's Mac laptop... but I want mine back!  Hubby did some research and discovered that this problem has been an issue... something to do with the graphic card or some card.  Luckily my computer is still under warranty.  I hope my hubby will take my computer in this week to get it fixed at the local Apple store.  In the meantime I have his computer that doesn't have all my bookmarks and programs loaded on it.  Bummer!  

I found this cute wooden teddy bear in my Christmas stuff and hung it up on our basement door with those nifty 3M Command strips.  My FIL cut this bear out for me and I painted it many years ago.  I have this one for Christmas and another one I painted in blue.  

Mr. Very Berry Teddy Bear

I had to use the dreaded flash in this photo - it was a dark day - and it washed out some of the teddy bear.  I missed doing Mosaic Monday today...hubby doesn't have Picasa loaded on his Mac so I couldn't do my Christmas mosaic.  

Today I start my Christmas shopping and hope to finish it all by Wednesday.   We're suppose to get our first snow of the season today.  Maybe I will have pictures to share tomorrow. 

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Sandy at least you have a local Apple Store to take your computer to. There is one guy here in town who can help out with Macs I haven't had to call him yet.