Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mosaic Monday - Crochet Time

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Past Crochet Projects of Mine

1. Pretty Flower, 2. Red with White Flower and Pretty Pearl Button, 3. My Crocheted Throws, 4. One Corner, 5. Merry Kringle Edging, 6. White/Red Doily, 7. Close Up, 8. Jolly Little Goody Bags, 9. Black Beauty All Folded Up

A pretty mosaic of my crocheting for Mosaic Monday!

Here's the most recent crochet project I just finished.  A pretty neck scarf for my niece.  

The body is Lily Sugar n' Cream 100% cotton yarn - color "Pastel Print".

The edging is Loops & Threads Silky Soft 100%  acrylic yarn - color "White".

I made this in a few evenings this week using a G hook.

The body was fairly quick...the edging took a little longer with all the picots.

The body yarn has touches of pink and a little blue throughout it.

All Finished!

The body of the scarf is based on Julia's Isar Scarf free pattern which can be found (here). 

 I modified the pattern from a start chain of 40 reduced down to 20.  I made the length very long (almost 80 inches).  

The edging is #129 of "Around the Corner Crochet Borders" by Edie Eckman.

For the edging first I added to the body a row of single crochet to each end of the scarf and then I double crocheted all the way around before I started the #129 edging.

I hung my Grandma Twinkle Stars up for Christmas too!

Please join Mary at The Little Red House (here) for more Mosaic Monday!
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  1. Everything looks so pretty. Love the scarf!

  2. Sandy, all your projects are so pretty. I really like the multi colored afghan. It has been a few days since I have been able to crochet. I can't wait to get a hook back in my hand.

  3. Beautiful crochet work. Thanks for the link to the new scarf.

  4. Beautiful projects! All so pretty!

  5. So pretty, you are very talented. Love the scarf.

  6. What a bunch of lovely projects! I'm planning on learning to Tat in 2011!

  7. Just gorgeous work Sandy you are so skilled at this. Love the scarf very delicate looking.

  8. I love the colors and textures of crochet. You did a beautiful job with the scarf. Your niece will love it!

  9. Sugar and cream is a perfect description.;)) I am always so impressed with your handy work dear Sandy, have a lovely day

  10. I really enjoyed your mosaic and admired everyone of your finished projects. Thanks for sharing the scarf pattern and edging. When I finish the needlepoint stocking I'm working on, I'd love to start the scarf....maybe I won't wait to finish...I'll multi-task! Happy Holidays!

  11. Your niece will love her scarf. How pretty! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a new follower of Teacup Lane. I noticed you have not visited Alabama yet. We'd love to have you down here!


  12. What a nice look back at your previous crochet projects - all so lovely. The scarf is beautiful with that lacey edging. I've so enjoyed visiting you these last couple months. Have the merriest of holidays. xx Josie