Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reading & Crocheting

Crocheting and Reading!!

It's a beautiful day here with the sun shining and 45 degrees F.  

I have a few things to do today starting with making the chocolate chip cookies for hubby.  I use the Nestle's Toll House Cookie makes about 5 dozen.   Hubby finally got to taste his frosted sugar cookies yesterday.  He was in heaven.     

Tomorrow I plan to make two pies; pumpkin (Libby's) and chocolate (a family recipe).  And Pap's Pizza Bread for our supper (another family recipe).  And while we eat we will watch our new DVDs...."Toy Story 3" and "Shrek Forever After The Final Chapter" and welcome in the New Year.   

I have some good reading material thanks to Santa!  New crochet books!!  And I've started another pair of the fingerless mittens in red.    

Our handsome nephew, Bobby, gave me the cute Ty bear, "Sequoia," for Christmas.

Best Wishes to You for A Very Happy New Year!    

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  1. It sounds like you have some fun stuff planned in the next few days! I love to read, too. The desserts sound delicious, and the little Ty bear is adorable.

    Blessings for the New Year!
    Ricki Jill

  2. Sounds perfect! Have a great new year xx

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner earlier :-)

    Glad you've got lots of reading and yarn to look forward to! I have read most of Wicked - loved it, but just wound up putting it down for some reason. But then, I do that. I've read the Twilight series, and Breaking Dawn is definitely the best of the bunch.

    Hope you enjoy your New Year's festivities, and have fun spending that Michael's gift card!! Hope you have a wonderful 2011.