Monday, December 13, 2010

Pretty in Purple Bag

Pretty in Purples and Greens

These little crocheted gift bags are so fun to make!  

I blogged about my first one (here) and that's where you can find the link for the free pattern from Sara at Tangled Happy.   

I made another one in browns and blues but...darn...I  forgot to take a photo before I wrapped it up.

Another Little Crocheted Gift Bag

I love the big crocheted flower!

The other crocheted bag is all wrapped up and ready to go out in the mail today or tomorrow.

Another gift soon to be on it's way!

I have my MAC laptop back - the repair was expensive - but it didn't cost us anything because of our extended warranty...which runs out the middle of this week.  In this case the warranty paid for its self. 

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  1. This bag is just gorgeous. Glad to hear the mac is fixed. I have the extended warranty myself. Here we would have to mail the computer out of state.

  2. Such a pretty little bag! Computers are so annoying when they go wrong, but so amazing when they are going right. Ros

  3. Ok... you are a serious bow Queen. Just like my Mom... I still can't do those sweetie so nice.

    These bags are just too cute. Can't wait to try one, but first onto number 2 on the list. Family is always harder, especially finding that perfect gift for my Mom., I want that paper too...

  4. I love purple, it is one of my favorite cool shades. Much nicer than blue and yet not as strong as red. The most beautiful flowers I know are purple.;))
    And your bag is lovely,

  5. Oh that is so sweet. Lovely colors.