Wednesday, August 20, 2014

HO, HO, HO is finished!

I added the binding on my "HO, HO, HO" embroidered appliqué wall hanging.

I love the fabric with the gray in it. 

Read all about sewing this project  (here). 

If you look closely at the back you will see a snowman I quilted in the center and then I quilted the same decorative stitch that I used on the front in circles around the snowman.   

Nothing is perfect with handmade.  

I didn't center my backing correctly so it is off slightly.

It also caused problems on the edges and I had to add a white fabric flange on the front and back to cover up where the fabric didn't cover the batting completely.

I've learned to cut out the backing fabric larger than the front fabric.

But next time I will add even more inches to the back fabric. 

Quilting can cause the fabric to shrink in too.  

Isn't this pretty fabric?

Presenting "HO, HO, HO", an adorable Christmas wall hanging!

Laugh for the day!

Second laugh for the day!

I went to Michaels to get another shade of purple for my "Berry Begonia" lap throw.

I wasn't totally happy with the selection there. 

But I found another shade of purple yarn and I also picked up a variegated yarn.

I'm thinking of using the variegated yarn for the join and edging.

Another beautiful day here in SE PA!
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  1. And another beautiful quilting project finished ! Well done!

  2. Ho Ho Ho... that little wall hanging is so cute. I do like the fabric on the back; it has a vintage vibe to it.
    Now... your second laugh of the day?!
    That is ME! I'm not buying anything else-- until...
    well, I never promised though. :)