Friday, August 22, 2014

My White Elephant Gifts

We have an RV Rally coming up next month. 

 Our Pleasure Way East Coast Club meets in Hershey PA while the Hershey RV Show is going on. 

We usually have a "White Elephant" Gift Exchange at our Potluck Dinner.  

That's when you bring an inexpensive item you already have at home and exchange it with the club members.  

I had some plain white hand towels on hand and thought it would be cute to embroider them with an RV theme to be my gift exchange. 

For those of you that don't know... small travel vans, like the Pleasure Way, are known as "Class B" motor homes.  

So, of course, we all love our "Bees"!

I also downloaded a clip art of a camper van and converted it into an embroidery design.  

It was the closest graphic I could find that was sort of similar to our Pleasure Way vans. 

This design converted with 32 colors in it and took awhile to stitch out. 

What do you think of my "White Elephant" gifts?

We are having travel van withdrawal.  

We haven't been on a trip in it since last November.

So we are looking forward to the rally next month.

Have a nice weekend and thanks for visiting.
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  1. That is so cute - bet you could sell those.

  2. Sandy,
    Those are just TOO CUTE! I didn't know that about the Class B known as Bees that is cute too.
    We are finally getting to a point where we are eager to get to work on our camper and get it suited up for the road! It has only been 3 years! can you believe it...that my Husband had the heart attack. We pretty muh dropped the camper like a bad habit... but now, we are working on it. I'm so happy!
    I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE... to get it on the road by Thanksgiving...even if you can just got to a state park near by.
    I envy you and your hubby and your Bee!
    Those little towels are going to be a hit at that pot luck. :)

  3. Fantastic gifts. The recipients will love them because they are one of a kind.

  4. I love the gifts you've made. The bee and camper are very
    Cheers, Anita.

  5. I think your "white elephant" gifts are great. I am sure they will be quite a hit.

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