Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It's a Beautiful Day

I love my mug rug here!

We're back after a week in Ohio visiting family.

I finally finished laundry.


Part of my plans for today were put on a hold.  

I wanted to pressure wash the porch and deck but when Hubby went to the shed to get the pressure washer to set it up for me he discovered an important part was broken into pieces.  

I'm so tired of the cheap use of plastic in appliances on parts that need to hold up to wear and tear.  

This pressure washer only lasted a couple seasons and that is with only using it less than a dozen times.
Loved my time in Venice!

So Hubby went off to give our travel van a much needed drive because it's been sitting so long.  

He told me not to wash down the porch and deck with the regular hose..wait until we can buy a new pressure washer.  

Burano, Italy

Well, after he left I looked at the deck portion and it was so dirty with green mildew all over the rails.  

So I went and got a toothbrush and cleaner and scrubbed down all the rails on the deck and hosed it all down.  

Now, at least, that part is done. 

Deck rails all clean.

We don't want to put the deck chairs out until the porch is clean too.   

June's almost over and I haven't had a chance to sit out there yet!

Burano, Italy
Doesn't everyone have a pink house?


How do you like my coffee mug rug, "Gimme a Break," hanging in my kitchen coffee bar?  

It's too pretty to use. 

Someone has to hold up the Pisa Tower!

Thanks for visiting!

More photos of our trip to Italy coming.
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  1. Hi Sandy, we had a similar problem with our power washer a couple of years ago :-(
    Your photos are lovely :-)
    Tracey xxx

  2. Looking forward to posts on Italy. I so want to go there.

  3. Great to see your photos of Italy and the mug rug is really pretty. I still think you should make them as gifts for Christmas, you do them so well.

  4. Hi Sandy!
    cute mug rug... I also like the pictures from your trip.
    Now about that Pink house! I LOVE the curtains in the door and the way the ones on the windows are propped in such a way to become an awning...still allowing for a breeze. And they seem to have the same Idea as you... scrubbing the porch! Pink bucket and broom to match the pink house!

  5. Cute mug and mat. nice photo of you and Pisa. Hope you get to enjoy the deck soon. xo

  6. Gimme' at break is awesome! Fine, fine job Sandy. Welcome home from what looks like a fabulous trip. :-)