Sunday, June 8, 2014

Back from Italy...finally!

Venice, Italy - the island of Burano.

Did you miss me?

Whew...I've been busy!  

We just returned from our 26 day Grand Circle tour of northern Italy. 

All packed and ready to leave for Italy!

What a wonderful trip...a trip of a lifetime.
Flying Business Class to Italy is the way to go!

This is the longest I've gone without blogging.  

A whole month!  

Because I decided to take a break and not post while in Italy. 

Rome's Colosseum!

It's a good thing because we were kept busy touring northern Italy (to name a few cities we visited:  Rome, Florence, the Italian Rivera, Pisa, Bolzano, and Venice).  

WiFi was spotty at some of the hotels.

Although our hotel in Florence had internet as good as at home.

And one of our busses had internet on board too!  

Did I mention we loved gelato!  

Hubby loved his chocolate flavors and I had two favorite flavors....Stracciatella (vanilla with chocolate chips) and Amarena (vanilla with cherries).

There was a gelato store on almost every corner!

Luckily I didn't gain any weight on the trip even with eating what I wanted. 

All that walking helped. 

And the food was excellent!  

I could live in Italy just for the pasta and gelato.  

Our first hotel in Roma..the Ludovisi Palace.

I'll be posting more about our trip so stay tuned.

Since we added a few days at the beginning of our pre-tour, we had to make reservations on our own for those days.  

When Hubby called the hotel to book our room he was told he had to do it on-line.   

We were either coming or going at the Ludovisi Palace.

 Our first hotel room was comfortable and clean.  

Nice bathroom with a tub/shower but it was so narrow only one of us could be in there at one time.   

Hotel room at Ludovisi Palace in Roma.

Now to unpack, do laundry and pick up the mail.  

And finally time to catch up on all my TV programs.

There were only two channels in English - both news channels (BBC and CNN) in all the hotels. 

So no TV watching while we were in Italy. 

But I've already caught up on Game of Thrones and Mad Men since arriving home.  

We celebrated my Hubby's 65th birthday today.  

I baked him a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.   

It was delicious!

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  1. Hi Sandy,
    Wow!! it sure was a trip of a lifetime! How wonderful! Gary and I hope to do the same trip one day. I can't wait to see more pictures. Welcome home. I bet your tired. I am always tired after a vacation LOL
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  2. Yep, all back into routine..... well nearly. I can't seem to get motivated to get moving. I didn't gain any weight either . Great news !! Will soon get back on the diet wagon though so I will have less weight to carry around next year. Look forward to seeing your photos.

  3. Yes, I missed you...and your pins over on Pinterest! Welcome home.

  4. Oh, what a trip - This is my bucket list trip. I cannot wait to see and hear about everything you did.

    Benvenuti a casa

  5. That is a trip of a lifetime, my motherland is beautiful, if not a little crazy at times. But I love it. Going in October to celebrate my 60th birthday. Shh, I have not announced it on my blog yet. Actually, I feel annoyed sometimes with folks blogging every darn day, even when on vacation. Makes me think they are a little bored. xo

  6. My dream is to visit Italy, actually my next door neighbor's are there right now. I am so glad you had such a wonderful time.