Thursday, June 12, 2014

Gimme a Break !

I missed my embroidery while touring Italy.  

When I got home and attended my sewing store's Embroidery Club I picked up 


Yes, I should have lined the cherry fabric so the background wouldn't show through.

This mug rug is called "Gimme a Break!"

You know how I love my coffee.  

I thought this was such a cute project. 

I have some fall colored fabrics that would look fine but my ❤️ Is with my favorite color...RED

After choosing my fabrics I selected the threads colors.  

I finally learned how to download the designs into my MAC and look at them in my digital software program, TruEmbroidery (thanks Hubby!).  

I can print out the actual size of the design and play a video to see how it stitches out the design.  

The last step is downloading the design onto a flash drive to put in my embroidery machine. 

Ready to stitch out on my embroidery machine.

I've learned so much about my embroidery machine this past year especially with taking the lessons, attending the Embroidery Club and Party with Patrick sessions.  

I stippled the background grid in black embroidery thread.

Such a busy background but I love it.  

It looks like red flowers & leaves falling.  

Added a quilting design, project name & my name and year to the back.

Just have the back to embroider and then add the binding in the black and white chevon fabric.

I used Roxanne White Glue to tack down the binding and then machine stitched it in place.  

That is so much quicker than hand sewing.  

And sturdier too. 

Have I mentioned I love these binder clips - no more pins sticking me.

Gimme a Break!  Mug Rug

It turned out beautifully.   

Now to have a cup of coffee!

I think I earned it.   

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  1. I am going to look for that glue. And the clips vs pins! Welcome home, Sandy. Looking forward to travel van adventures for the summer. xo

  2. Wow! all that complicated technology! you are doing so well. Are you making a whole lot of those little mug rugs for Christmas presents?

  3. Hi Sandy Well I wouldn't know you had been gone almost a month to Italy as I rarely blog these days and more rarely take the time to visit. I managed to get a post up so I'm visiting all my old friends and wanted to pop in and say Hi. Nan

  4. Really cute potholder! I saw it in the first picture of your post today and realized I had missed this post. Love it hanging right there. That's a perfect place for it.