Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

"Party with Patrick"
Rainbow's End Mug Rug

We're getting all decorated for St. Patrick's Day here at Teacup Lane. 

Another Patrick Lose's Applique Design

I finished all my sewing, embroidery and appliqué projects. 

My Design using fonts from my TruEmbroidery Software Programs.

Whew...glad that is done.  

Today I'm cleaning.  

And tomorrow.  

Then I will decorate the rooms for Bunco with St. Patrick's Day as the theme.  

Food will be prepared Wednesday.  

I 'm catering some of it.  

First time ever. 

Hope you all have a lovely St. Patrick's Day.

Oh, did I mentioned it snowed here….AGAIN!

White, fluffy stuff everywhere.

It's a bitter sweet day for me because my Mom, who loved celebrating St. Patty's  Day, passed away 24 years today.  

So I'm celebrating for you Mom!  

Miss you & love you!

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  1. You sure know how to celebrate THE it all.
    As for your question about my little computer table, which I love to the moon and back,.....
    i did a review for a company last year and they awarded this little adjustable table to me. I am trying like crazy to remember the name of the company....and when I do, I'll let you know. :)
    xoxo bj

  2. I left a comment and it disappeared? Anyway, very festive, Sandy for the holiday! xo

  3. Sending hugs and warm thoughts about your mom's memory.

    Everything you make is so pretty and colorful!