Friday, March 14, 2014

Enjoy Life...It's Delicious!

My first try at machine embroidering an article of clothing.

Isn't this a delicious saying! 

I chose my Williams-Sonoma apron as my article of clothing and picked a cute design purchased from the Dakota Collectibles Embroidery Design Collection called, "Cookin' Up Fun".

I have to throw a "Mickey" in!

Just four color changes in this embroidery design…two different shade of pink, red and black threads.

A piece of cake…cupcake that is.

The hardest part was positioning the apron on my hoop.  

The fabric was too thick to hoop so I positioned the apron so it was centered on the hoop (as best as I could) and then I held it in place while I machine basted it down to the stabilizer.  

After that it went smoothly. 

I'm so proud of it.

And I did it!

Little old me.

OK…the Janome MC 12000 did it.

But I assisted!  

I'm hosting our neighbor Bunco gals next week so I'll be busy the next few days decluttering, cleaning, getting the food prepared and decorating in a St. Patrick's Day theme... so I may not post as much.   

Everything takes me longer to do as I age.  


Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Hi, I love your blog, is beauty, I love the colors, I love your crochet, visit my blog too,hugs from Brazil.

  2. Love what you made, very fun. Have a great time with the neighborhood ladies.

  3. Turned out great! So cute. Have fun at Bunco, cant wait to see photos of that! xo

  4. That turned out really cute!

    Check out my blog post today. My friend Cathy just did an apron for me. You'll like her blog!

  5. Your apron turned out wonderful. I've had problems with fabric being too thick, too, I'm happy that you were able to make it work. Bunco is one of the things that I wanted to learn and get into after retiring, that I have not done. Sounds like fun.
    I hope that you'll be wearing your new apron when you serve your guests :)
    Keep Smiling and enjoying life.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  6. I think I accidentally hit enter on my first comment and sent it before I was finished! Anyhoo...That's sure is a fancy embroidery machine you have there. Looks complicated to me. Take some pictures of your Bunco food! I always need ideas for food to take to things like that.

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