Sunday, March 9, 2014

Color Me Pink

Don't you just love yarn ends?

Jan Eaton's Nine Patch Granny #61 square has lots of them.  

I've already sewn in three per finished square.   

Unfortunately each Nine Patch Granny square still has 15 ends to sew in.  


Just two Nine Patch Grannies left to crochet. 

I will finish that task before starting again on the Framed Flower #54 squares.  

I have seven more of them to do. 

I'm pleased so far with my "Pink Delight" project.

You can follow along with it on my Ravelry project page (here) and my blog (here).

Source:  Pinerest

The next round after the Nine Patch Grannies will be continuing with the Refreshed squares in Watermelon…or maybe Soft Pink and Watermelon.  

Then I'll see the size of the throw to determine if that is all the rounds I need before adding the border/edging.  

Source:  Pinerest

I may tie all the squares together with gray yarn to show on top.  

Either that or I may slip stitch on the back to be more invisible.

I haven't used gray much in my crocheted throws and I think it goes well with these pink shades.  

Did you know that March is "National Crochet Month"?
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  1. You're making great progress! It's looking just gorgeous. I love those 9-patch squares, and I have always like the refreshing squares. I made a couple of those a few years ago and still have them stuck in a drawer. You're doing great! Keep going!

  2. There are marvelous products, you are very skilful and hardworking, bye, ania

  3. You've been very busy! The throw is looking great and very yummy colours. xx

  4. Ooh! How very sweet! :)

  5. Love your blanket, Happy National Crochet Month.