Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Working on St. Pat's Mat

Yesterday was "Party with Patrick" time at my sewing store.

My Janome Memory Craft 12000 screen.

  I like these sessions because we don't have to drag our huge embroidery machines and all the millions of accessories to the store. 

TruEmbroidery software on my MAC.

We have a nice instructor who walks us through the steps of sewing the next month's project and then we have a "show and tell" where we brag about our last month's work of art.   

TruEmbroidery prints out true size and stitch steps for the design.

On this post I'm showing off my Patrick Lose Feburary Mug Rug Club project ably called...

"St. Pat's Mug Mat".  

Patrick Lose's pattern instruction sheet.

It's thisclose to being done. 

Stitching down the fabric for the four leaf clover appliqué.

 I still have the bias binding to make and sew on in the light green fabric. 

Bias binding will be in light green background fabric.

One thing I like about my TruEmbroidery for my MAC is I can print out the design in it's true size and print out the stitch pattern.  

The colors of the stitch steps are different so you can tell each step apart.  

The actual thread colors I used were three shades of green.

Who would have ever thought computers would be such a part of sewing!

I was so proud of myself yesterday.

Hubby was out and about and I had to download my design onto a thumb drive ALL BY MYSELF.

I'm pretty good with computers (you know..Word, Excel all that stuff) - but I have to do "it" frequently or I can't remember how to do "it". 

"It" is anything on the computer.

I have to do "it" over and over before "it" stays in my mind.     
Source:  Pinerest

Moving on...I haven't forgotten my crocheting.

You may remember me going on about this quilt pattern (above) that I thought would be lovely as a crochet throw.

I made that trip to Michael's yesterday and picked up a few ...ok, more than a few...skeins of Caron Simply Soft yarn in off white, turquoise (blue mint), light (soft pink) and dark pink (watermelon) and gray (grey heather).  

Free pattern for Star Granny Coaster (here)

On the way home I realized I forgot to buy the red yarn.  


Of course, I could use the watermelon for the red yarn and the soft pink for the pink.

Well, I need my morning coffee!

That is…my second cuppa!

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  1. Sandy, I LOVE your idea for the crocheted throw. I can hardly wait to see what you come up with. Will you share your pattern links?
    Stay warm!

    1. Karen,
      Of course I will share my design...once I come up with it. I may crochet up some samples first to see what I like.

  2. Just had my second cuppa a little late today. That St. Patrick's Day mat is gorgeous!!! Beautiful. Congrats for accomplishing the thumb drive thing all by yourself. Our hubbies sure do come in handy for things like that, but I bet we could figure out most things if we had to. As long as we don't have to, we might as well take advantage of them! ;)

  3. i am the same way, need to do things over and over.....sign of getting older? hahaha. i am looking forward to the afghan. xo

  4. Is there a pattern for the granny square coaster your cup is sitting on in the picture? I really like it. Thanks for idea. I always enjoy your blog. Blessings!

    1. Yes, there is. It's a star pattern and makes a nice coaster in cotton yarn. Let me see if I can hunt it up and send to you via email.

    2. Grandmato7 - Here's the link to the free granny star coaster (Crochet Christmas Star Granny Garland): http://mymerrymessylife.com/?s=christmas+star+granny