Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I ❤️ Coffee !

Brenda over at a "Cosy Little House" is a fellow coffee lover.  

She's showing us her coffee stations today and telling us about her coffee habits.  

Yes, that is not one.. but two coffee stations. 

My Tinkerbell Coffee Mug!

I haven't posted for awhile.   

With my sewing machine in for a check up and not much going on with my crocheting there's not much to share here.

But then I saw Brenda's coffee posting and thought it would be fun to join in.

My name is Sandy.  

And I am a coffee addict.

I must have my coffee. 

It started when I graduated from high school and began my working career. 

For years I used to microwave my water and use instant coffee.

{I'm the only coffee drinker here so more than one cup goes to waste.}  

Several years I bought a ten-cup Cusinart coffee maker to use for BUNCO when hosting.

I used it a few times for my BUNCO gals but the rest of the year it sat in my cupboard.

I could make four cups with it but after sitting out the coffee was cold.


Then two Christmases ago "Santa" bought me a Keurig Single Server coffee maker and life hasn't been the same here since. 

I love my Keurig!  

Now my coffee automatically comes out the right temperature to drink and I can have a fresh cup anytime I want...quickly and in just about any flavor too. 

I love the hot teas too.

And the hot chocolate and hot apple cider.


I stock up on the flavors I like in K-cups. 

 I  favor light roasted these.

I gave up sugar in my coffee in my twenties…too sweet for me. 

Just milk or creamer for me.

I can't stand it black.  

Cute Mickey Mug…wish it was mine.

I don't just drink it in the morning though. 

I like a cuppa... ALL.DAY.LONG.  

When I worked in an office and needed that afternoon pick me up there was never any coffee made.

It used to drive me crazy!  

The only negative is that it goes right through me.   

I think you know what I mean. 

Oh, and my Cusinart Ten Cup coffee maker…

I gave it to my brother's family.

They are all coffee drinkers.

I think I NEED another cup…right now!

Want to join me?
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  1. I'll be right over. Coffee looks absolutely yummy. Love the Keurig as well and being single and by myself, it's just perfect to use.
    Enjoy your next cup......

  2. I gave my Keurig to my daughter. I LOVE the mini Keurig though, like you! If I drank it all day, I'd have to live in the bathroom.

  3. Yes, I do want to join you. Any excuse works for me!! <3 Kurig must be making a butt-load of money on their "new machines." Everyone has one it seems! Aren't they great?

  4. it was you, dear Sandy, and Brenda, too, who convinced me to get a Keurig. Haven't regretted that decision. xo

  5. Can I join you for tea instead? love the smell of coffee, but can not stand the taste.

  6. I got a Keurig for Christmas and love it! Still need one spoonful of sugar along with the creamer. I just wanted to also tell you that your Candy Cane afghan was the talk on one of the FB crochet groups I follow. The lady was looking for the pattern and I pointed her to your blog. I love that afghan also!

    1. Thank you Charlotte! Which FB crochet group mentioned my "Candy Cane"? I would like to "like" it. That was sweet of you to point the lady asking about the pattern to my blog. It's one of my favorite throws too. I like the ripples I should try crocheting another one. I have a niece that likes pink and I've been thinking about crocheting her a throw. Something modern, fresh and young - she just turned 21. Have a lovely day and thanks for visiting!

  7. Your posts always put a smile on my face. I love your light hearted humor :)
    Keep smiling and whatever you do . . . do it with a cup of coffee in your hand.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)