Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Stitching Up A Storm

We're between winter storms.  

Heavy wet snow fell yesterday and starting tonight we're getting more snow turning into a snow/sleet mixture over night.  

I machine embroidered a cute Santa Claus and by accident discovered how to add monogram lettering to the design so it all stitches out together.  

I was going to make it into another mug rug but I forgot to add the batting under the design.  

I can always make an appliqué out of it I guess.  

I have an apron that I'm thinking of adding this cute embroidered design too.

This view is from my digital embroidery software program, TruEmbroidery, that runs on my Mac laptop.  

I like this program but I'm still trying to figure out how to use it.  

It has three program modules and is quite powerful.  

There is a neat feature that let's you load a design and then see how the design stitches out.  

Lots to learn here.  

First try…one row for each color.  Flogged it.

On the crochet front I'm working on a baby throw, "Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket".   

I loved the first colors I chose but after working up a couple rows I wasn't happy with the feel of the throw. 

The cream and lime colors in Loops & Threads Impeccable Impecable yarn were too thick and made the throw feel too stiff.  

Followed the pattern to start with two rows for each color repeated twice…
Then I'm crocheting four rows of each color.

So I substituted a different cream in Loops & Threads Simply Soft  and, black instead of the lime, in Caron Simply Soft yarn.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any lime in Simply Soft yarn.  

Now the throw isn't as stiff and is softer too.  

This stitch is solid so there are no holes for little fingers to get caught in. 

Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket

I had some spasms in my back this morning so I'm taking it easy today.   

I haven't had any spasms for quite awhile...do you think cleaning yesterday had something to do with it!  



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  1. Oh, I think you could make some adorable aprons.

    Yeah, I think housework is definitely throwing a kink in your back. Stay away!!

  2. Cleaning can be dangerous to your health that is for sure! Love the beauty outside your window, and all of your gorgeous stitching.

  3. Oh I am sure the cleaning is the culprit! The blanket stitch is really nice, and safe. Never thought of that. xo